by canadaduane Nov 12, 2011
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mine are good from top, but bottom does not fit to original lego, even 2 parts between itself. i was printed it from ABS

I like these - they make a good name tag for newbies. I wonder a bit why the bricks are not at z=0 (or what the offset might be).

When I print them, they're flat to the build platform. Are yours not?

That isn't an issue if I only print the outcome of the scad code.

However, I tried to combine the lego with a name-tag and for that I had to manually adjust the z-axis

I'm also finding that skienforge is messing up the interpretation of the inside walls of the trilego 2x4, making the borders of the interior single surface objects and not filling between them, almost like the bottom edge isn't there.

Anybody get this to work on SF/Replicator? I have a LEGO themed birthday party for a nephew coming up that would totally be rocked by this.

I've found that reducing the extrusion width works--i.e. by making thinner threads of plastic, the slicing operation is better at handling the case when an area is narrower than the extrusion width.

I'm not sure how to do this in SF, but in Slic3r you can change it in the "Advanced" tab, under "Extrusion width".

I'm finding that parametric / OpenSCAD based parts cause my printer fits. Notably, the walls seem to be effectively infinitely thin and, thus, Skeinforge doesn't fill 'em or something and the end result is a fragile part. Guess I need to upgrade SF!

I used your model to make a video of my new Prusa. Thanks! Hope you enjoy.


(Note: I deleted the old post and posted this under my new username)

I used this trilego to proof my machine and show to my friends what 3D printing can do and well, Everybody loves it! I'm going to have to print a few of these for my friends kids. When I showed one of the kids the lego he stood there saying he could not believe he was holding it in his hand. Thanks!

I was able to print these out just fine and real LEGO fits into the bottoms just fine but the pins on the top are loose when connecting to real LEGO bricks. Do you think it is a setting on my machine or something with the STL?

I've been playing with various settings on skeinforge to get it just right. I'm not sure either way. It's difficult to measure hundredths of a millimeter to see if the model is right or not :)

You can definitely download the scad file and tweak the knob diameter and see if that works for you.

Mine fit pretty well, a bit tight actually. You could try making the extrusion a bit heavier (increase width or maybe just slightly understate your filament diameter in SF) or you could grab the SCAD and tweak the pin size.

I printed one of these at a convention where I was showing off my RepRap, and it got more attention than anything else I printed. One person even said "That's the best argument I've seen yet for owning a 3D printer!"

I printed it out of white PLA and it fit with standard legos perfectly on the first try.

Wow, what an awesome story! Thanks for sharing. I hope he (or she) goes out and makes a 3D printer after the show :)

When I showed it to a group of friends and said "someone posted this to Thingiverse a few hours ago, and here it is" one of them said "I just had one of those "We're living in the 21st century" moments."

Can you also make 5x2-pip arm version?

And 3x2-pip arm version?

Enjoy! The OpenSCAD files I used have also been added to the project if you need even more customized parts.