Human Brain

by RichRap Dec 21, 2011
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Waaaaah... Whats that for an Infill Pattern? If my Brain would look like this, i would think about an Amputation!

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Is this your actual Brain MRI Cd that you can get from talking to your neurologist or radiologist? Can you help me do the same? I have the CD but do not know how to download this data into a STL or equivalent format

that is pretty gross looking lol!

If i printed this i would never want to touch my Ultimaker 2 again. I would have to package the printer in 2 layers of foil and depose it with the brain still on the printbed :D

It won't be far for the application of 3D in medical industry to produce the complicated compounds which at present involving synthesis.- INH6 http://www.bocsci.com/description.asp?cas=1001753-24-7

would be great it was split up in to segment that join...just like the lecturers had when delving in to the segment of the brain

can u please scale it down to 25% of the original .

ReplicatorG (or any other 3d printing program) --> Scale --> .25

Fantastic model! Printed on Printrbot Plus using the micro SD card. Took almost two days to print both halves but it was worth it. See picture in the Made it section.

I sent the print to my neurologist so she can no longer say "Nobody has any brains around here."

brain tokens for zombie dice...

This actually looks gross and slimy. Was the object modeled or scanned?

According to jmil (the original scan) - "This is a human brain I extracted from a public domain MRI dataset from Slicer3.4."

Still makes me feel a little odd every time I look at it. :-D

Would you please post your CAD file? Thanks!

I don't have an original file other than the file from jmil (derived from)

Only a single color? Are you feeling OK Rich? :)

Looks good, wish Faberdashery were more local to me, I'd love to try some of those colors.

What layer height are you using?

I Know, I was soooo tempted to make it rainbow coloured, maybe next time. Layers are 0.3mm

It would also look great in Faberdashery Buttercream, and I think that's a closer brain colour?

The Faberdashery colours are really great and the plastic is the best you can get, you should try a Rainbow pack.

I printed mine in blue and am calling it a Smurf Brain. ;)

That's nice, I'm very tempted to print a glow-in-the dark one...

Awesome color. Did you print it at 1:1 scale?

Yes it's full 'real sized' I will weight it as some point as it's the heaviest single thing I have ever printed even with such little infill.

Really impressive :). It really is a perfect brain (print)!

Notify the Scarecrow, and Dr. Hurfurfur.

I love that film, I just need some wax lips, a sun hat and Jar :)

Dr. Michael Hfuhruhurr: Ladies and gentlemen, I can envision a day when the brains of brilliant men can be kept alive in the bodies of dumb people.

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