Cable Chain Adapter for Prusa i3 (Hictop)

by Dubid Feb 20, 2016
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I am confused why is this item listed with Tronxy P802ma mods without any mention that it will fit the TronXY?

i tried these with some chains i got printed but wont fit, wich as the chains it self you printed on your desing? vey nice looking by the way thanks

this is so far the best chain mount I've tried because you dont risk hitting anything up high
where the other type limited my height by 20mm or more. only thing I may do is rebuild the motor mount to possibly be stronger or add another screw point

I've already had mine tilt over slightly but may have been because of a full height print not sure when it tilted over

but I suppose the single screw also makes for a weak point and not snap anything off if it did go too high or too over to one side

i also see that the mount on the motor is using the links in one direction but the links to the hot end are now pointing in an oposit direction when \ where on the chain do you flip the way the links are oriented?

I think it was about 2/3 way through

how many cable links did you use in your build?

I'm not sure. Unfortunately I don't currently have my printer so I can't check.

Hey Dubid, you good? it looks like one of the files could be missing, or do you trim the bolt holes from one of the files? Love to use this for my i3. Cheers

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for some reason both of my ends printed backwards IE: the Carriage piece has the cable coming out of the right side .and the Stepper piece wants the cable to go left not right. not sure how I messed this up . but I am new to this so Its probably something I did

OK It just did the same thing on another object so it is definitely me not you design. So forget I commented :-)

Haha, I'd check your stepper motors and make sure that they are plugged in the right way.

Bravo, I'd been working on something similar for a little while now, but you beat me to it, it looks fantastic. When I get the chance I'm printing it out,

Haha, Yeah I printed the chain out about a month ago, but never saw an adapter or got around to designing one until now ;) Let me know how it worked out, the one in the photo is actually slightly different than the model (I reduced the tolerances in the model because it wobbled a bit).

So, I've printed out the X Carriage part of this and the tolerances are a little too tight, and it probably is on the other part too, can you loosen them some? the joint should be loose enough after some flexing so that it'll bend under the weight of several links. right now I have to force the joint to bend.

I've added a 'looser' x-axis carriage version. See that that works. It actually was only the stepper mount that I changed, so that should work fine, but let me know.

OK, sure. Could you be more specific on where the tolerances are too tight? Width? Knob size?

the Knob size tolerance seems to be the issue, the width shouldn't be much of a problem, you should probably mention that the M3x20 screws included in the Hictop Kit are not long enough for the stepper motor end (at least I cant screw any of mine in) and that users may want to purchase slightly longer screws.

Any Luck?

I got it all to work though fitting the stepper motor wire through was a tedious process.

While it was quite close, I did use the standard kit screws for all of these parts.