Foam Board Bevel Cutter

by salsabettis Feb 21, 2016
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What length screws are needed to hold this together?

I like this model, though I was not lucky with it. I've tried all sizes, but all of them was tearing the foam board even with a brand new blade, not sure why. I also find it tricky to assembly the parts.

Anyways, thanks for creating and sharing this model, Brian, I really appreciate it!

Did you make sure to install the blade at an angle? It shouldn't be perpendicular to the board surface.

Yes, absolutely. Maybe it was because of the quality of the foam board I was using.

Hi salsabettis,

Got a new foam board and it is 6.08mm. Would be really grateful if you can do a version for 6.08mm foamboard..:)

Sorry. The way I modeled the cutter wasn't really that great for modifications. I think that 5.1 mm board is the biggest I can do without redoing the entire thing. And I just don't have the time to make a brand new assembly from scratch.

No problem, I understand. Would you be willing to share your CAD files, maybe I can use these as a reference and make something to accommodate the 6mm foamboard?

Very handy tool! I can cut the bevel OK by hand (had lots of practice) but I just started 3D printing and wanted to make something practical. I'm very glad I made this, it's so much faster and I get consistent results every time. Nice Job!

I saw one comment below that this took 40 minutes to print, mine took almost 7 hours on an Original Prusa i3 MK2. I used 30% infill density and minimal support. When I enter the suggested settings of 20% infill, .2mm resolution and no support into Cura, the estimate is still 2h 35m. I'm still really new to 3D printing so I am curious what settings others are using and how long your prints took. Thanks!

This is an awesome way to get those bevels straight and angled properly. Very cool! However, I just avoid the bevels entirely when making planes... check this out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-e078oP-gNM

Thank you for sharing this.. with this I can get perfect bevel cuts every time. I have one request, can you make this tool for 5.1mm foam thickness?, for some reason all the recent Adams DFT foam boards I'm buying at the local DollarTree are coming in a bit thick at 5.1mm and it is impossible to run it through the tool :(

New model uploaded. Let me know how it works. All you need to do is reprint the larger piece (BlockV2-2).

Thank you!.. the 5.1mm works like a charm :)

It was a bit hard to get a scalpel blade in but finally it worked, the result was best double bevel ever. How hard would it be to make a 3,2mm(1/4inch) foamboard version?

It could be changed easily to just about any board thickness. Do you have any other size requests? If I upload more variations, I would like to try and do as many at once as possible.

i only use 3,2 mm(1/8inch) foamboard and flitetest wr foamboard. Rarely 6.5mm (1/4inch) since that is heavy for small aircraft, maybe later.

I added the 1/8 inch version. The base support for the bottom piece of foam starts to get pretty small so your cuts may not be as accurate. It's a compromise between fitting the razor blade and supporting the foam.

I made a very similar thing out of balsa wood for cutting fan fold foam. Thank you.

Masterpiece! Thanks for sharing this excellent tool!

You're a genius. I ruined my first attempt at a scratch build (not because of the 45' cut) and have since been looking at ways to make my life easier. This tool works perfectly. Tested on some scrap foam board and it works great!

Thank you!

Now, if you can design a parallel guided cutter that would be superb (the red lines where you pull out the foam).

This is the best tool. It is nuts how easy it is to get a perfect bevel on my FT planes. Seriously, it does such a consistently perfect job that I end up grinning like an idiot every time I use it. Thank you, you are also my new favorite person.

This is seriously amazing, Great job dude, perfect cuts every time.

Good idea and nice design. Can't wait to test this on some foam board.
Maybe one should hint about this tool to Flite Test and they can suggest this as an alternative to the sanding block which they usually mention.

Salsabettis should talk to FT about letting them distribute this tool, perhaps they should pack it into the starter pack as a freebie like they have done with the stick limiters. They must have a 3D printer and this costed what, $0.90 and 40 min to print? It would be great at Flite Fest, this tool would help youth builders in the building tent the most as it is easy and a very safe design.

All I require is attribution from whoever wants to remix/sell/whatever this design. So FT can distribute or sell this as they please.

If this works then you are my new favorite person in the whole world. Why did I never think of this...

It works. I have had the best result by holding the cutter in one hand and pulling the foam board through the cutter with the other. You need to make sure you don't press the tool too hard against the edge of the foam board or else you will cut the paper. I did a few test cuts to get a feel for it before trying it on a plane.