Tiny Dice Tower (no supports needed)

by conorokane Feb 21, 2016
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Can you print the complete stl without supports or do you have to print in parts?

Everything can be printed without supports, however there are 3 parts. The two ramps are inserted through holes in the side.

Printing the latest version on my Cocoon Create, in grey PLA at the moment. Nice model, printing very cleanly. Hopefully this will stop the game pieces in Settlers of Catan being scattered by over enthusiastic dice throws.

Hero Quest - no more questions - like!

May i ask where to get these dice?
The size seems bigger than the standard 16mm dice and has round corner.

The red ones are Chessex 16mm dice, bought in a box of 12. The wooden ones are from Heroquest.

Thank you for a great model! This is going to fit perfectly behind my DM screen :)

is this large enough for a d20?

Yes, it can fit 2 d20s at once.

I'm not sure how you guys print this, but the slits for the 2 bounce slabs will for sure need support becaus its more then 75 degree overhang.... i trid without and it looks horrible.

Take a look at the first two photos - those are printed without support. Yes it's a little rough on the top edge, but the ramps fit in no problem. Try printing slower or increase your fan speed if the overhangs aren't working for you.

What is the game you are using as a background to roll on? It looks to be similar to Hero Quest, as you have such dice in your image, but certainly doesn't belong to the 1990 MB game.

The Hero Quest dice caught my eye as well.