Companion Cube Upgrade

by Landru Nov 13, 2011
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working on an approximately 2x2x2 ft version printed in sections on the raise3d n2+ I am really excited about it thank you so much for the model.

Printed this at 300% scale with 0.15 resolution and it looks amazing!!

Do you have a version saved with a non-flat bottom? If so would you mind uploading the step file? I'd like to print one with supports to see how it comes out. This is the best CC I've seen. Your printer did a nice job too.

Try increasing the in-fill Level/ Percentage To stop the top from sinking into the middle. WARNING: This WILL use more material but will make the object stronger

warning to all, if you make this too big the top will cease to exist (what is supposed to be the top is just dropped into the middle)

I printed this at 10% infill with no issues, it must be some other setting you're having trouble with

You can make this any size you want. We've printed out 7x7x7in cubes without issue. You are likely having slicing issues or insufficient infill to support the top layer.

Any chance of updating the model to include the lines going away from the heart? This is the only thing missing to make it perfect!

If you take away the heart it kinda looks like the cube from 8MM

The cube looks nice! But the stl file is not good. There are a lot of holes in it. So bad that cloud netfabb can't repair it. Can you place a better one?

The .STL file does not have any holes.

Netfabb does not detect any errors, and hundreds of these have been successfully made. I suggest you re-download the .stl and try again, perhaps your download was somehow corrupted.

Awesome model.
Though I agree with @fluxxx that the lines are missing.

I'm currently printing this at 150% scale on a Rep2 in gray PLA. Hope it comes out as beautiful as yours did.

thats a really impressive print! what size nozzle and layer height did you use?

This printed great for me! Thanks for the great model.

I printed this at-original-scale (1 inch x 1 inch) on our Makerbot Replicator 2 the other day, on the following settings:

  • "High", No rafts, No supports

It took a little over ~1 hour. I'd be interested in reprinting at a larger scale, e.g. 2 inches x 2 inches. Though I do like this tiny 1 inch x 1 inch cube on my desk!

Note: This does have a flat bottom, so I suppose it's not a /perfect/ replica of the Companion Cube. However, since this eases printing /considerably/, I'm still very happy with it! No need to spend time removing supports/rafts.

Anyone using Slic3r having problems with the top looking good? I know I am? Any advice?

Same here, on my PrintrBot Simple using Slic3r, the top gets really ugly. Must be a Slic3r problem.

Ditto. Top is rough on both of them I've printed. Now sure why. I have Slic3r set to print two top layers in Perimeters.

i will have to try this one.. printed the other ones without a flat bottom and the support material ruined one side of the cube.. waste of 15 hours.. (scaled 300%)

This is an extremely impressive print. was any sanding or smoothing involved, or did it come out of the 'Fablicator' just like that? Also, where could I buy one? They don't seem to be selling a thing on the website :(

Nice model! .. Except you forgot the lines.. There's supposed to be four lines on every side pointing out from the heart in the middle. I really want to print this model, it looks really nice.. But maybe you can add the lines to make it accurate? :)

Wow, that's an impressive print quality! I'm curious what's the layer height and speed you're using?

  1. This model scales pretty well to 2"^3 (not too much layer separation with ABS, if hood
    amp;windows are used).

  2. I printed some of these for my girls, and they carry them around everywhere (and they've not even been exposed to Portal, yet (I need to fix this and introduce them).

Thanks for sharing such an amazing model with us!

Fantastic print. Would love to know where you got that plastic. Also, would love to try out a Fablicator some day :)

In the interest of protecting the innocent, I'm not going to tell people where I got the plastic from. They have a 50% success ratio of delivering plastic within spec, and the rest just causes headaches.

Upon further analysis from my previous comments,I'm 99% sure it is high impact polystyrene (very similar to ABS).

I get the same good results with pretty much any plastic with a consistent diameter, though.

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This would be awesome with hidden motorized wheels and an hidden sound module. Who said the companion cube could not speak?

I hope you don't also try adding something that threaten to stab you... or that does...

What did you use to clean up your cube after it was done printing?

There was no clean up. Came out of the printer exactly like that.

Very nice job! Kudos for posting your design files and taking care while creating them.

The print looks awesome, too! Is that PLA or ABS?

It's supposedly PLA, but behaves more similarly to ABS. My guess is PLABS of some sort. Strangest material I have worked with so far, courtesy of china.

Hi there, yes I am all most finished with my roll now but did have me stump as to why it was working like PLA should. I hope my roll of ABS from the same retailer performs with more stable results. PS great model and print, mine came out brilliantly. Would love to add a hoop to make it in to a key ring.