Detachable z-probe for Kossel fan holder by marbalon

by micolo Feb 22, 2016
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what other parts do you use?could you share the STL flie's link?

Awesome I was just thinking about the same idea.
Two questions:

  1. are the magnets strong enough so that the whole thing doesnt wiggle between probe points?
  2. How stable is the z offset? I assume you still manually level the z height after you finished a calibration cycle?
  1. I also thought that magnets will have issues to keep probe in place. I tried it and it works great. The probe is very stable... at least stable enough to do accurate probing.
  2. It is stable. I haven't adjusted it since I mounted the probe (2 months). I run probing when I'm swapping glass (I have three with different thickness) and when I see that my hair spray coating on glass becomes really thick ;)

I got my magnets and just testing the probe. Did you have any issue with the z offset? G30 works fine but g29 starts out ok by moving to the first probing point but continues to crash into the bed afterwards. Any ideas?

What firmware do you use? I use Repetier with fixes for autoleveling - version 0.98.2

I use G30 only and works fine, without issues. I have never tried G29 as my build platform is rather small (about 160mm circle) and I don't see the reason to use G29 which I guess results in more computation being performed while printing.

I use marlin RC5, I remember from last year when I worked with my proximity probe that repetier and marlin treat the whole process quite differently. My bed is quite big so I can definitely profit from a full g29 especially for calibration.

I'm afraid I can't help you with Marlin :(