SmartrapCore XL300

by smartfriendz Feb 23, 2016
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I started a FB group if anyone is interested, easier to share and support each other https://www.facebook.com/groups/1964145807168104/

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How does this model compare to extending the extrusions on the original ALU? That is, if I were to have a 'bigger box' for the ALU and use longer rods, would you say I could accomplish something similar? Some of the parts appear to be shared as well.

Just extending the extrusions and rods will get you a bigger area in your X and Y, but the Z axis mount in the original ALU doesn't work very well for a bigger build area. Even trying to make the Z axis cantilever longer doesn't really help because of the wobble from the bigger build area. This is probably why the Z axis has been completely redesigned in the 300XL vs the Z axis of the ALU.

I'd like to request the assembly instructions and BOM as well please.

I have been following this design for a while and while it has not been updated here on Thingiverse it has been updated on their other sites. here is a list of the hardware not yet available for purchase http://smartfriendz.com/en/3d-printers/73-upgrade-xl300-hardware.html

I would also strongly recommend taking a look at their updated design on onshape as they have flushed out a couple of design flaws that made this build a little difficult for those lacking tools to work with aluminium. https://cad.onshape.com/documents/56e8801ce4b04070f7cd4b7c/w/59cce063d22296b5ce2b0506/e/56f74b3a8ff8955dcf0c8717

(Note that the parts list is for the design shown here on thingiverse and not the updated design on onshape.)

I updated the URL for the onshape design, the one on the description for this is wrong it should be https://cad.onshape.com/documents/56e8801ce4b04070f7cd4b7c/w/59cce063d22296b5ce2b0506/e/56f74b3a8ff8955dcf0c8717

I think everyone would appreciate a BOM. Thanks :)

Hi nice printer! I'd like to request the assembly instructions and BOM as well please! thanks

I'd like to request the assembly instructions and BOM as well please!

Beautiful printer, and I want to build one, but it can be a BOM and how to catch the z axis bearings for aluminum profiles?

Nice printer .Could you please provide me with the BOM ?

Hi, thanks for share!! Where can I find the aluminum measures?

I really want a direct drive extruder but I want to build a wooden frame instead of a aluminium one. Is it possible to install this direct drive on a wooden Smartrapcore, the "normal" one?

Im very anxious about the stability of the printbed, It looks rocksolid.

what is the size of the frame?

and what is the nema?

Hi, nice work as usual, but why do you use direct feed this time? And is there an option to get this work with dual extruder ootb?
Hoping for quick answer because i want to order it as soon as possible :D

We use direct extruder because it's easier for beginner in 3d printing
well.. yes you can ( power supply and electronics are ready for twin head ) but you must do it yourself or take 2 bowden extruder and this twin head http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:995640

SmartrapCore Twin Head project (V5.1)

Thanks for this super fast reply, nice to hear this thing is proven to work with this version :)
I think gonna mod this to dual bowden. Thanks you really helped me!

hi, what aluminum extrusion do you use ?? 20 or 15mm .

Thanks for more this great work.