Fred Flintstone

by reddadsteve Feb 28, 2016
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Congratulations for your superb collection.
By cons I do not understand why the model is so big when I import the files. The final model is over than 29CM tall when I import the files and I have to reduce the size ... it's strange.
I find it a bit difficult to make the entire collection with a well-defined scale (about 13 cm) for all figures.
The model in one piece have a good size (about 13 cm)

Size is relative! Some people like large models and some like small ones. Also, when doing a model series I try to keep the characters in proportion to each other. Look at Pebbles and BamBam and imagine how small they would be if Fred was 13cm tall.

That said, I've had a number of makers print/build this series at 50% size on a well tuned printer.


Ok thank you for your answer :) Ok I go to print in small size :)
Beautiful work for this serie !

Hy , sorry for my english , i aim from Belgium and not used to it ( i aim 61years and just found a new hobby // 3d printing ( wauw ) , but still want to say thanks for this wonderfull collection off the flintstones , i love them , nic job , i aim a brandnew user for 3D printing and i want to make all of them , do you ever are planning to make FRED'S cat ( Baby Puss ) it is just one missing in this wonderfull collection , so thank for this beatifull work of art , when i finished them i post them here , thanks again from Ronald

Don't worry about your English, at least you have two languages you can use. Not like me where English is my only Language. Do not hesitate to use Google Translate, it works great.

I retired at 62 and took up 3D printing as a hobby. I never thought that I'd be a modeler but I'm enjoying that even more than printing.

Sorry about the cat. It just does not seem to click with me as a character to create. I've had a few requests and might change my mind, but it's not on the plate at this time.

I look forward to seeing your makes. Be sure to post the individual ones as well as a group picture.

Finishing up the Flintstone prints, love them. Any additions to the characters in the works...BamBam, Hoppy, Sabre Tooth Cat etc..

I'm finishing up BamBam right now, still about a week before posting him. He will be the last of the Flinstones characters for quite some time. I need to start adding more models to some of the other series I've started.

Be sure to post all your makes on the individual models, as well as a group picture. Seeing makes give me the incentive to keep modeling. As a matter of fact, that's why I finally did BamBam.

Teamwork between modelers and makers,

Brilliant..I have just printed the full set at 50%..Shame there is no Bam Bam or Sabre Toothed Tiger

Hi great model but having issues with the eye picees puting them together any help would be great.

I'll follow-up with a PM. I recall that the white parts fit nicely but may be awkward to insert.


Hi I have now managed to fit the eyes in place it was just a bit fiddly but they do fit

I guess 'a bit fiddly' is the best way to describe it.

Glad you got it straightened out.


@redadsteve OK. These are beyond cool. But no Pebbles and Bam Bam? Seriously?
Thanks for the great models.

One of these days....... Bam Bam and Pebbles.

Thanks, and don't forget to post your makes.


I am in the middle of printing out Fred and Wilma, just waiting on some filament to complete the models and will post a photo. I really like the way you made this model and I love the instructions. They are so complete and don't leave anything to question. I wish you wrote all instructions for everything I have every had to put together. Anyway, I do have a question as to the best way that you have found to remove the "first layer squish" as you call it? Do you just file that down or do you have a better way, I just don't want to mess up the finish. Thanks again for the great models.

Wow! Thank you for the wonderful comments. I'll send you a PM to follow-up.

Another great model which I have nearly finished printing. One thing I have noticed is that armb_r doesn't sit quite flat on the build plate. I tried to take a sliver of the bottom in Nettfab but it still didn't work out right.
Keep up the good work, the Wallace and Grommit is fantastic.

Thank you for your feedback. Fred was my first model and I've learned quite a bit since then. armb_r is not completely flat but when slicing at .2 I apparently got away with it. At a smaller layer height the discrepancy shows up more. I just uploaded a corrected armb_r_new that will print correctly.
Don't forget to post all your makes.

Thanks Steve, I am putting Tin Tin, Hagar and the Cheshire cat together. Along with Dilbert I am giving them as Xmas presents to unsuspecting friends! Dino and Fred I am keeping for myself.

Keep printing and posting your makes and I'll keep making more!


What is the name of the color from the body and shirt?

For the body I used the Skin color (sometimes also called Peach) from Milliard. For the shirt I used Real Orange from Solutech. Both are ABS.

My wife purchases all my filaments for me. It's hard looking at colors on Amazon and trying to figure out what a color actually looks like once printed. She keeps looking around to see if she can find a store locally that sells filament, but no such luck yet.

Will you be printing in ABS?


Thanks for your fast reply. I will print it in PLA.

Can you upload the model as one single part? I don't want to print every single part...

I created a remix of this model as a single file, http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1485179 . Please see my notes on that model.


Fred Flinstone one piece

upload the single file is a good idea.. that would make resizing easier... i do not know how to resize this do i group all the parts together then reduce the scale or would that fudge everything up?

I created a remix of this model as a single file, http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1485179 . Please see my notes on that model.


Fred Flinstone one piece

Resizing the single parts in Cura just before printing works fine for me (see my make).
Resized the main parts to 50% and the small "inlay" parts (eyes and dots) to 48% for a better fit.

I put all the pieces together and ran a few test prints. I was not happy with the way the model printed due to the sharp overhangs and supports required. I designed Fred from the ground up to be printed in pieces with a lot of consideration for print quality. The combined piece does print but just does not meet my standards at this time to post.

My printer is taking some 'sick leave' right now. I'll take another stab at a single Fred once parts come in and the printer 'heals'.

FYI- I posted Dino Flintstone on Thingiverse just before the printer died. If you would still like my single STL of Fred, please send me a private message.


could you make one with his arms at the sides? i don't quite understand what he is doing this his left hand....

I agree that it seems to be an odd pose, however it is a standard Fred Flintstone pose. Google pictures of Fred and that is what pops up most of the time.

Actually, the pose made the modeling more difficult for me, but I was trying to ensure he stayed in character.

hello reddadsteve,
great job. do you also have a step-file of the fred flintstone?

Thanks for the positive comment.

As far as I know, Blender does not have the ability to create a STEP file. Are you simply looking for a single STL for the complete Fred Flintstone model?

I have combined all of the pieces together as a single model if that helps. Let me know and I'll post it.

no i need a step or iges of the complete model. my idea was to mill it with my millingmachine. but now i found an other cool figure.

Wow! That's fantastic!

Thank you! I'm looking forward to seeing a small army of Fred Flintstones soon.

I'll be posting a smaller, single piece Fred shortly as well. Look for it as a remix.