by WebmasterZero Feb 23, 2016
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Hi, can some one please make this model with tail up so it can be a keychain holder hook?

Sent my MP Select Mini V2 back for a repair, and they sent the printer back with this attached to the build plate! Very nice model.

Looks like someone posted your design as theirs?? https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2762828

That's really disappointing :(

Just printed this GECKO model! Check out my time lapse video of the print:


Thanks WebmasterZero for a great model!

Infill %?

I printed this with this settings and it looks absolutelu PERFECT
Nozzle 185C
Nozzle fan 25%
Bed 65C
Layer 0.2
Infill 20%
No supports.

Can you post a picture of the settings you use for your 3d printer it came out very nice!

It is printing great up until the end.. the top of the back and head don't look as nice and smooth as yours.. any tips?

That sounds like it's overheating on the last couple of layers. Have you got a fan on your printer head? Turn the fan on or lower the temperature of the printer head.

I'll do that. Thanks for the reply

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Awesome print. I love those little guys. What software did you use to create it?

Fusion 360 is pretty good at doing stuff like this as well

Blender, is commonly used for this sort of thing.

Obrigado! Ficou Show. Grande artista e técnico

This is great! Well done :)
I've done a small mod to add a 6x1.5mm magnet so he can stick to a fridge as a real gecko would :)


Having issues with the face not coming out right (or at all really). If anybody thinks they could help me fix it I would be really grateful. You can see the problem on my make.

would someone please help me? i want to make this a keychain by adding a small loop at the end of the tail. when i try to put the model into 123d design, there's too many faces to convert it to solid, so i am not able to do this, would anyone be willing to do it for me?

It would be great if someone converted it into a 2 color

http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1745772 This may work for a dual extruding printer. I might try to make one to be printed with any printer and glued together later.

Gecko With Eyes (Dual printing)

what printer did you use?

The printer we use is an Ultirep. Which is based on the Ultimaker with a few improvements. We made the build area fully enclosed and it is a bit taller than an Ultimaker, it also uses 1.75mm filament where the Ultimaker used 3mm.

These things are all over place in Thailand but they call them Cup Khow thats what it sounds like to me look up in most peoples houses and you will see one or too they can stick to anything amazing eat small insects lay eggs too amazing little guys made a few glow in the dark ones stuck them on my daughters bedroom roof she laughed allot when she finally noticed them 2 days later a good model

Fantastic, It is great to know so many people love my grecko model. Thanks.


back right foot isn't on the bottom layer so it starts lifting off in my print. Anyone else got this?

Late reply but for others with similar issue simply shift your model downward (Z axis) by around 0.12mm or lesser until the entirety of the Gecko's base is visible on the first layer of the GCode.

It is a PERFECT friend for my class lizard ... Everyone loves it!!

Since this prints in under 30 minutes I'm using it as my demo piece for open house nights at the local makerspace

I've let him out in the wild now, It's good to see so many people like my design. :)