CNC Spindle and Router Dust Shoe (Customizable)

by CNCRouterParts May 10, 2016
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To solve the compute problem after changing the hose diameter, edit the Top Frame sketch, open the Parameters menu, and change the parameter. Fusion 360 will highlight the coincident constraint that is causing the issue. Delete the problem constraint, then change the parameter again (eg, change it back to the original value THEN change it one more time to get it to update).

I've attached a screenshot of where/how to find the constraint. Hope this helps.

so i have tried to modify the vac output size to 2-1/2 over and over again and just keep getting errors, tried changing the parameters with the noites and get errors...... has anyone done it successfully?

When I try to change the Fx parameters for the SpindleDiameter in Fusion 360, I get an error for Compute Failed. I see others have commented on this same problem. I don't see anyone that has replied.
Could some one please tell me what I need to do to solve this problem. I've try to remove constrains, but still not working. Usually with parametric modeling the constrains don't have to be removed. Usually, changing the parameters work.
Please help!

Thank you,

What is the trick to these fusion files? I want to modify the spindle to 65mm for the Makita RT701C but when I change the spindle parameters I get an error in Fusion 360. I have tried this on both fusion files for this thing and both produce the same warning/error- Compute Failed - Failed to Solve. Please try revising the dimensions or constraints.

Version for my cnc and router: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3534664

Dust shoe for Porter Cable 7518 + Stepcraft Q204

Does anyone know of an alternative to the brush strip? I can't find a supplier in Australia and to get it from the US will cost US$70 ($53 shipping included) that's AU$96.

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When I change the SpindleDiameter to 90 mm the slots in the router mounting hole flange disappear and I get a warning on the top frame sketch. Has this happened to anyone else?

Has anyone 3d printed this? I want to print it in ABS.

I 3D printed it on an Ender 3 in ABS using an enclosure. Before printing I cut it into two pieces and added holes to splice it back together with 1/8" steel rod for strength. The prints took roughly 20 hours total and when done the fingers on the Spindle Holder looks great but were super weak. I use acetone and scrap ABS to make a slurry the consistency of jelly and welded the spindle fingers back on and also connected the two pieces. The brush holder I printed from PLA and it went much smoother. Overall the print works in the end, and has been in use for over a month now. I just machined one today from HDPE but unfortunately the top part warped due to internal stresses and is unusable. I'm looking to machine another from an ABS block possibly. Overall I wouldn't recommend 3D printing one

When I model this in Cut2d - on the bottom frame the insert edge where the brush goes is cut through... is that OK?

It was surprisingly straight forward to make. I really like how well it works. It takes in 99%+ of the saw dust away, much better than the original dust foot that came with the machine.

Thank you very much for sharing.

I really like the design but I'm experiencing some problems with the top frame bowing badly. Has anyone else had this problem? I'm using 1" HDPE. The bow is so bad that the magnets do not make contact all the way around. I didn't think HDPE had internal stresses in it like wood but it's almost as if that's what happened.

Here's a video illustrating: https://photos.app.goo.gl/k8VYKu3b2A9KaTKG2

I machined one today from HDPE and had the same issue. Made another and same thing. The block of HDPE I used had too much internal stress that was relieved when cutting the part. I used a 1" thick HDPE cutting board but am now looking to order from an HDPE supplier or try making one out of an ABS block instead

where do you get your HDPE sheets from? Anyone in Canada know a Canadian source as well?

Plasti-Block in Canada

Going to make two of these boots for my friend's dual-spindle machine later this week. His machine was custom built but I have been using the standard Fanuc post-processor with no issue. Any idea if I could experience the same Z homing problem that afflicts those using the Mach3 post processor? (As noted at the bottom of the "Thing Details.")

wheres a good website to get abs or hdpe. also has anyone tried using lexan or acrylic and does anyone know a good source for lexan and acrylic.

I got the HDPE blocks off Amazon. It wasn't too painful, I think they were $10-20 per block.

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What dust hose handle are you using? I have been searching all over for something like that..

In the summary you mention "many preconfigured STL or V-Carve Pro files." I modified the Fusion 360 model to my router (Cable Porter 690) but cannot figure out how to set up post processors/get the G-code setup. I'm much more comfortable in Aspire 8.5 and wondering how I can get this model in there, edited for a 2.5" vac hose and Cable Porter router? Are there V-Carve and STL files for this pre-confided as the summary states? Just finished my 48x96 Pro series build, so wanted to get the dust shoe ready soon!

I have a similar problem. I would like to use the Vcarve version but I only have Vcarve 8.5 and the files are saved in Vcarve 9.0 format which 8.5 won't read.

Love the design. Made a few changes to meet my needs, mounting my 5w blue laser for laser engraving. Thanks for posting. I will post my design build shortly.

Have you posted your design yet? I want to add a laser as well.

Not yet, I am finishing the design of the control circuit to control the laser from Mach3. Will keep you posted.

Awesome! Thanks for the feedback, looking version to seeing your make. -Nathan

Does anyone else have an issue when resizing the vac port to a 2.5" hose? I resized the ports for both the vac and the router. I ran the adaptive clearing operation this morning with out success. I'm sure I did something wrong, but the vac post and the router collar were totally cut away during the middle of the operation. I basically ended up with a large hole cut clean thru a 1" piece of material in the shape of what should have been the dust shoe.... When I go back and look that the simulation it clearly shows this happening. I'm not sure what went wrongAny help would be appreciated.

Looking to make this myself - any reason you couldn't use Lexan or Polycarbonate rather than HDPE? I'd like to retain the ability to see through it.

I'd be concerned that the collar fingers might end up being too brittle with Polycarbonate, Lexan may work better though HDPE and ABS are probably the safest bets. -Nathan

I downloaded the files... I'm a little confused which ones to use on a generic chinese router? I use V carve pro.

when I open the .STL in Cura, the part is tiny! what are the dimensions supposed to be? thanks

I was able to resize it in Cura, the problem I am having is that when I got to lay it flat to print it, it doesn't actually lay flat, one side is slightly raised. Just change the scale to make it bigger though.

This is a great project. I unfortunately have smaller CNC a c-beam machine from open builds and the shoe is a liitle big. When I try to use the frame size parameter the bottom brush frame breaks at the holes for the inserts. I have tried to work this out in fusion 360 but can't get it fixed. Any suggestions?

How do I modify these clamp size parameters in Fusion? I can't seem to find these. Is it in Model view?

Hi - Yes, Model workspace then the Modify toolbar > Change Parameters. -Nathan

Can you please identify the mcmaster & carr magnets part number?

Sure, these are the magnets we use --> http://store.nwmagnet.com/nd0375x0250.html -Nathan

The magnet pockets in the Fusion 360 project seem to be 0.5" in diameter.

Try the current version - the magnet pockets should be .375" there. -Nathan

I love the design
I found an issue with the universal Dust Shoe in the fusion360 when you change the parameter HoseOffset to 8.82" the insert extrude for the middle to mag mounting do not move in line with the changed location. Also the two mounting holes near the dust hose and merged together and is elliptical. With no holes. I have an image of the issue but can't seem to add it to a Comment. We are looking to use this dust shoe on my Machmate CNC machine. Also it would be nice to be able to add another set or to of mounting holes to do with the longer length. So a parameter to say how many mounting holes on the straight edge would be nice. You could lock positions of the mounting holes on the curves. I have only just started using fusion360 so my skill level at the moment is well beyond fixing these issues


Hi Paul - Thanks! I see the same issue, looks like some of the sketch constraints were missing. Try the v1.2 version I just uploaded, should work better now.

In terms of adding an array of mounting features on the length, that's a good idea and I'll add it to our backlog - however since this is unlikely to be a feature customers of our machines will need, it will be a lower priority.

Thanks for your feedback, let us know how you get on!


What's the source for the Brush Strip?

Hi Joe - Right now your best bet is probably here -> http://www.mcmaster.com/#7900t2/=12lizjs

Tried to order these brush strips in both 2" and 3" length, with the plan to build two different bottom brush-holders to fit my CNC bit length, but McMaster wants a 15" minimum order length. Any other good options for sourcing this? Anyone got some extra length they'd be willing to ship for a little Paypal funds?

Buuuut, you need 24" lengths for the build, so why is 15" so bad? I ordered 6' so I can make a few--the brushes will wear out eventually.