Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

Gravity Falls: Mystery Shack

by kijai Feb 23, 2016
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I made this model inf Wood filament and added a music box to it :)


Nice model! Pretty hard to print though..... Ended ripping off the small pillars while removing the supports but they can be substituted by toothpicks or a piece of filament :D

Oh yeah... I never really finished this one, and forgot about it. Probably should bring it up to date!

Hey there! I don't know if you have "brought it up to date" yet, but I love how this file is constructed and I would like to make one to paint and put into my terrarium. I will make sure to post photos when I finish!

This is a great model and my son love it and he want it to be printed. I want to know if when you printed it did you need to generate support material?

Yeah, sadly I never really finished it and it's not the easiest print and does need supports at many spots.

How did you design this? Did you actually model this or did you get a schematic or something?

I modeled the simple parts on Blender, I didn't use any schematics (couldn't find any besides non-scale fan made ones) so mostly trial and error to get it to look like how it's in the show. And then finished it by sculpting in 3D-Coat, mostly for the moss and some smaller details.

I would love to use this in a D&D campaign! Can someone slice it up though so it can be printed at 28mm scale?

I'm serious, I would print this TOMORROW if someone could slice it up discretely along the existing lines. I have a game I am playing in on Wednesday that I need to print a smith shop for, this would be the best smithy shop ever!

I so want to print this!

Printing it now, will upload pics if successful!

Hmm... I'm totally gonna print this! Hopefully it will turn out fine. ;3 I'm totally gonna attach the wind vane to here sometime.

I just updated the model to at least fix the thin pillars I failed to print. Depends a lot on the scale how it turns out. Hope it works for you :)

AWESOME!! There is the "WHAT" wind vein on here also! I thought it was so awesome!
BTW, you should add the keywords "Gravity Falls" to the title so it can be easily found.


'WHAT?' vane from Gravity Falls

Yeah, thanks! I left it out of this model as it'd be pretty hard to print. Along with lots of other smaller stuff.

Yes, you could probably scale that vane down and glue it onto the shack. It'd be so awesome! :)

Just what I need after the series has ended for my daily dose of Gravity Falls! I r8 8/8 m8.