Seeker Mine- The Division *!Sphero Edition!*

by printingperson Feb 23, 2016
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Looks awesome!
Which specific sphero does this fit? The regular or the mini?

Sup man, I printed mine out lastnight. Unfortunately was a little too small for my sphero so I'm going to rescale a bit and try it again. Now that I've printed it... I'm not entirely sure how well it will print. Regardless I will share my progress in a bit.

That's weird because I printed mine out and it printed just fine. What are you saying will not print well?

It printed great. Just didn't fit my Sphero. Will rescale and give it another shot.

Okay when you get the scaling right let me know, so I can edit the design. It should've fit. Sorry for the troubles!

FYI will be attempting to print it out this weekend and test it out with my Sphero

Cool! Make sure you print the smaller version? Could you maybe take some pictures or a video of it? That would be great if you could! I can't buy a sphero right now, so I'd like to see it in action! :)

For sure man! I will be posting a timelapse and a video of it in action once I get it setup. And post some pics.

Sweet hope all goes well!

That is seriously awesome

From experience, spheros don't have the strength to move big shells, you'll need to take the size down quite a bit too make this work. Especially if you want it to still charge while in the case.

Otherwise, it's looking awesome!

I have uploaded a smaller version for you!

Awesome! As soon as I'm done with commissions I'll give it a test!

Alright let me know! Make sure you post in the "I Made it" section!

Comments deleted.

No more than 5mm thick. If the edges are rounded enough you might be able to get a bit more movement, but if the added shell outweighs the inner metal frame by too much, it will just spin in place. All you will get is vibration.

Learned that with my D20 shell. lol

I'll have that up by tonight just check around 6:30-7:00