"Steins;Gate" Upa

by spope Feb 24, 2016
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I have printed it.
Thank you very much!

May I ask you email the source file to me(not .stl)?
I want to modify part of the model such as legs.


Here are some photos of another model made by SK JAPAN.
I bought one and printed it green.
And it's a little small.

Nice print and finish! Sorry I don't give my give my source files and any way they'd be no more help than the stl's. I modelled it in individual parts from the start. I mainly used this image for reference.

Wow, your model is more alike than the SK's.

And I think the legs can be a litter more rounded.

Hello, great looking model. However I can't print it...
Could you please close the inside of the full model? it can't be printed because the feet don't really touch the body, and the pants/belt/top parts don't touch...

Hi thanks, I'm not sure what's happening with your attempted print because I and others have successfully printed the whole model.
Maybe it's the slicing software you're using?
I added the whole model just as an afterthought so the model isn't perfect but it does slice fine using Slic3r.
Just checked in Cura and no problems there either.
Not sure hope you solve it.

I'm using slic3r. let me attach some screenshots:
my problem is that because the full model is basically all the parts together, it is hollow and the parts do not connect well. So I have to print all the parts separately even if I have just one color (I want to make a metal upa, so I am using silver PLA).
If I manage to fix the model I will repost it here.

Oh yeah I see what you mean I didn't even notice that! I knew it wasn't perfect but it did print anyway.
I've uploaded a different version that I already had on my pc doesn't seem to have the same problems, it's now called upa_whole_new.stl


Thank you for this thing! Thumbs up to you!

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why are some of the parts like the legs not scaled correct they are bigger than my build volume? is it just me getting this im using simplify3d

simplify 3d will auto detect model if too small. the pop out window change that in to mm . you need to press no. then it scaled correctly

All the parts are scaled correctly, don't know about simplify3d but it prints fine with Slic3r.

Thank you SO MUCH for this model!! I printed the whole one and it came out amazing! I can't wait to print it in silver ink :D

Thanks for sharing, nice to see that it prints well as a single object. Look forward to seeing the silver version.


SO cute! :D Will be printing soon!

Thanks a lot for this model, you spared me some hours :) Gonna print this so bad

Thanks a lot for this model, you spared me some hours :) Gonna print this so bad

Hey, Spope i like your model of Upa, great work!
but after loading your stl files, it seems that the eye piece, nose and eye circle are a bit out of proportion.
is it supposed to be like that? thanks

Hi, thanks for downloading.
I'm not sure what you mean though. If you look at the full model you can see how it should look. That is just all the separate pieces put together in Blender. The longer versions of the nose and eyes are just scaled, the stalk of the eye inserts through the eye ring, tear shape and into the head.
Hope that helps.


Hi Spope thanks for the reply, was just wondering how much should i scale it down to?

Nothing should need scaling down, it doesn't matter how long the eye/nose stalks are.

As it is it will print the size you see in my hand.