Formicarium (Ant Nest) (M size)

by toxiccrack Feb 24, 2016
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that is cool but can you make it smaller and less stuff to make thanks :)

are you going to make any other types for different genus of ants.

I've nothing planned for now

Would this work with messor barbarus?

You mean in terms of size? My Camponotus herculeanus live in there, who have almost the same size as messor barbarus.

is there a version of smooth walls / tunnels? thanks

thank you for making this, do you have any plans to create additional add on chambers like antscanada has?

Not at the moment. My colony is very small and they fit easily in this formicarium.

Great design. Wanted to print one as a gift for an ant keeper. I think i am going to make some changed. Importing the Stl into DS mechanical makes it very easy to modify the design.

Beautiful--this is EXACTLY what I was looking for! AMAZING job!

Question for you though. What do you use to cover the formicarium, under the lid? Do you just place a piece of clear acrylic? Do you cover it with mesh? If you use a clear acrylic sheet or mesh, how do you securely attach it--do you glue it?

I just want to make sure the ants can't escape! :)

Thank you! :)

Yes, i used a piece of clear acrylic. I uploaded a new picture to show you how i attached it. It is screwed through the formicarium, because someday i maybe want to clean it ;)

Wonderful! Again, thank you so much--this makes my week!

What did you use to create this? Curious as wanted to modify the chamber style. Thanks!

I was JUST looking to do the same thing. I noticed their stuff looks 3D printed and figured wouldn't be bad to DIY. I really like how you did the tubing areas separate, great idea!

What filament do you recommend to use?

I've no experience, but I would reccomend, and intend to print one in PETG; most brands of PETG are FDA certified food safe, so ants shouldn't have a problem with it.

I have no really recommendation. I used a cheap, white PLA.
I wouldn't use ABS because of its toxicity to the ants (maybe).

Thank you for the reply!