Darth Vader's Lightsaber

by CaseStudyno8 Feb 25, 2016
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For making a blade, at normal size is it compatable with 1” pvc pipe

Not without modifying the 3D files, no

The ROTJ emitter shroud doesn't actually have a hole for the second bolt... Only realized after printing of course.

There isn't a second bolt on the RotJ emitter, only on the angled emitter.

I don't suppose anyone can guide me on putting this things together once I have the prints done? I'm a newbie at 3D printing, but the pics included with the files does not really show how every single piece goes together. (the one pic is pretty decent, but doesn't show both buttons, plus I'm confused on putting the top three parts together.) Any help is greatly appreciated.

It's pretty straightforward once you have all of the pieces in front you and look at the explded view

For the most part you're right, but as I mentioned the exploded view doesnt show everything. Either way, was just hoping someone would actually help out......

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Hi.im very new to 3d printing, as in never made a print yet.i purchased a wanhao duplicator i3 mini plus mk2 last week.im disabled and am stuck indoors all the time.i have purchased a few 3d printed props off eBay,and learned airbrushing. Results are fantastic. But thought I would cut out middleman and try it for myself. I have been desperate to make Vader's saber as a build,but I need it altered for my project. I want it to have a 22mm hole all the way through it to use as a sleave. I just have no clue how to do this apart from drilling it. My probably very dumb question is, do I need to buy software? The printer came with wanhao cura. Sorry to ask you,but I loved the look of your build.

I was wondering if you could send me the CAD files?

I'm currently obsessed with creating a "functioning" lightsaber with clear poly tube and LEDs (there's a few web sites on making realistic looking blades) and motion sensor sound effects.

I'd like to alter this model for that purpose.

In the mean time I'm currently in the process of printing one. Should be printed and assembled in the next 24 hours.

Thanks for posting this!

hi GBDave, please post the finished work! i would like to make it!

Sure, send me a message with you email address and what file format is best for you, this was modeled in solidworks

Looking at this for my Halloween costume next year. I got a discount Darth Vader costume after Halloween :)
How do you think this would hold up printed out of a more resilient material like PETG for a working light saber?

Nice! It would be a good addition. I'm sure it would do fine printed in PETG

Hi there!
Could you edit upper chamber and emitter shroud so they fit in one position, instead of being able to rotate?
I mean, more or less like you did with pommel-midsecion and midsection-upper chamber.
Besides, most of the joints fit a bit loose, if you could make it a little bit tighter it would be awesome.
Apart from those two details, the job is brilliant, I'm about to finish it.
I can design things from scratch but I'm not sure I can remix STLs.
One last question:
How do you recommend printing power casing?
Thank you in advance!

I printed the casing standing up. Right now, I don't intend to make any changes to the model, the tolerances vary by printer, if you need to any super glue (cyanoacrylate) will work well to keep things together

How the heck does the d ring go into the emitter shroud?

Never mind, finally was able to get it out with my xacto knife

Any recommendations on getting the material that is inside the hole on the power block out?

Any recommendations on printing the 6 Pommel Blocks? If I print them lying down, I'm afraid of curling. Have you printed them vertically before?

My dad told me this recently, the best way to do it is print them all vertically on a helper disk

Yes, that is how I printed them, and I printed them all at the same time to give the layers enough time to cool

Laying down? or standing up?

Perfect. Thanks for the quick response! I'll post pics when I'm done.

Superb work! Is the little stand included in the files as well?

Thank you! You know I'vee never uploaded the stands, to be honest I don't love them and stopped using them, but I have used these:




Star Wars Full Size Lightsaber Stand Customizable
Lightsaber Display Stand

Fantastic, thank you!

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I had some trouble putting this model together, and I'm giving it to a person who will play with it,
is it more for display, or will it fall apart during use?

What gave you trouble specifically? And it really depends on your material, with PLA the joints may wear over time and you can use some glue to keep them together pretty permanently, you'd have less trouble with ABS or nylon

it didnt seem there was enough surface area to glue together on the top 4 pieces: emiter shroud, emiter, and upper chamber (My emiter shroud came apart). is this model okay to be played with or should it be more for display

The Emitter shroud seems to be 2 parts when printed. A disc and the hood. ?

Basically, the upper part is the visible aesthetic piece and the lower part mates into the part below to keep it in place

I separated them into 2 files thanks.

Cool, whatever works! Post the finished product up as a make, I'd love to see it

How many grams would this be and what are the dimensions of the pieces?

All of the pieces are around 143 grams (17.94 meters), that's using the Episode four emitter, it's slightly less using the Episode 6 emitter. The fully assembled height is 11.063in tall and 2.52in at is widest (that is including the power box that juts out, the main cylinder is 1.5in) The biggest individual piece is 4.7in tall with a 1.45in diameter.

I wonder how you guys get these. My slicer says 15 meters for the upper chamber with 10% infill and no supports. Im using xyzware for pro
and the printer is the Davinci pro from XYZ

That's strange and seems like way too much filament but I'm unfamiliar with that slicer, if there's a compatible profile for your printer with Cura I'd say give that a shot, at least for comparative purposes

Thank you! I just wanted to check ahead of time to make sure my printer was big enough and I had all the materials.

No problem, I hope it prints well for ya!