Elf Rangers (28mm scale)

by dutchmogul Feb 26, 2016
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Where can I find the wizard with the pointed hat shown in the 5th photo?

Any recommendations on % size to reflect a halfling? Not sure what a halfling would be in 28mm scale. Thanks!

This guy looks amazing! Just wish he had a crossbow and a dagger - would have been perfect for my rogue. :(

here https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3054701 there is a guy with what you are looking for with multiple poses

Fantasy Mini Collection (multiple poses)
by stockto


It's a great looking model.
I got a nice print, ready for action.

I got a really good print of the v2 with lower detail on the Flashforge Creator Pro, printing at speed reduced to 30 and resolution at 0.1mm, and with the default generated support turned on in the Sailfish slicer that comes with it. Will try the original version next.

Printing this as we speaker with supports and all seems well so far, using a micro m3d, hollow thick walls, 150micron and it's working right along. So happy to find an awesome ranger to use for my PC in 5e just how I wanted it. Really wish I could find some beast companions for him though as they seem to be harder to pin down. Will post a pic of end result once I get it cleaned up and possibly painted. Thanks for the lovely design!

sadly barely trying to trim some strands from top of the bow broke it, seemed very fragile gotta figure out how to strengthen it or something.. I'm not sure what to do.

Try printing it latterly. Having the grain run along the bow will greatly strengthen it. This will require more support, of course.

What size do you recommend for the best results?

Tried to print on my FFCP and the platform is good with the rocks, but it prints crazy after that. Tried it on each version...the same.

Wish I could give you some tips, but I've never printed on a Flash Forge printer before. You could try running the model through netfabb, but failing that... I don't know. I'm sure their are forums to check/printer gods to pray to.

But you know... as I think about it, that does sound like a plate leveling issue. I would try that.