Di3 hotbed spring cup

by Coder-Tronics Feb 27, 2016
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Work great. My springs got always horrible bent, these help. Just had to drill out the holes a bit.

UPDATE: Been using these springs for a month now. Can't tell you what difference they made. I use to tread printing on my Di3 because of the pain of leveling the bed. Suddenly it has become my go-to printer because a) these springs somehow make it easier to level the bed and b) the leveling seems to remain more stable over time.

Are these original springs, nuts and washers or you use custom? Which ones?

Where can I get the thumbweel files please?

Lots of options here and Prusa i3 thumbwheels should fit as well, best thing to do is look in the groups for the one you like, a few options linked below>



Di3 Thumbwheel Bed Dial
by idig3d
Wanhao i3 Thumbwheel alternative
by Evaken

they fit my di3plus with no scaling.

Glad to hear it :-)

Not sure if anyone else is getting scaling issues still, but this might help you hone your X, Y and Z axis accuracy

Axis Caliper Alignment Jig

How do I scale it up to 110%?

It depends on what slicer you are using?

Just type in "how to resize in SLICER?" in Google and either a video or howto should pop up.

Neither a video, howto, or anything relevant showed up with that google search. Anyone know how to do it?

I set the scale to 1.1 which i believe is 110%.

1.1 should result in a 10% increase a test print will prove it for sure.

Still not sure what slicer you are using? But, as an example for resizing in Cura below:


I'm using cura, thank you.

I made these for my i3 plus. I did the 110% increase like on the v2.1 as other commented along with just the bottom and it worked well. I did have to thread them through the first time and then do a few up and downs to loosen the hole a bit.

One thing I learned is that on these small parts, at least for ABS, doing a raft made it impossible to remove them from it. I did them again on the stock bed and was able to easily remove them.

Do these things actually work?

My springs were off center and distorting slightly under tension, the cups help constrain the springs and keep then straight. I also found my bed was quieter afterwards.

I cannot say if others have the same benefits.

For the Maker Select v2.1, scale these to 110% and plan to install on the bottom only - there's some kind of inner spring guide on the uppers already.

I had leveling issues, with the spring compression being very weak near the correct height on one of the back corners. The extra compression this mod offers fixed that. Thanks!

Thanks for the feedback, my Di3 is v2 I think so understandable that it might need tweaking for others units. I am sure your feedback will prove useful to others who have the later versions.

Do you have the link to those thumb wheels?

Thanks for uploading this. I was able to print this for my Maker Select V2 and installed them on the bottom only, which helped considerably. Fast and easy! Thanks again!

No worries glad they helped.

Comments deleted.

Should the springs go inside the cup or outside?

Springs should be on the inside as per the images

Oops I made a typo..

When I said spring I meant washer..sorry.

I can see in the photo you have the washers on the outside..

but in this spring cup mod, the creator put the washers on the inside..
So I am not sure which is better..

Monoprice Wanhao Maker Select i3v2 Spring Cups
by Nerys
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nice but S3D multiplied with the scale from inch to mm

Just don't do the conversion. Import as is.

Tried to print these but something's going wrong with the bottom layer, I think. See http://imgur.com/gallery/zV1eU - I printed 4 with various settings at 100% scale and ended up with a mess on the underside like the one on the right which was printed at 110% after reading the other comments (my Di3 is a v2.1 to - Balco rebadge), The image isn't clear but it's messy. I thought it was because it wasn't sticking to the bed but the usual settings changes haven't made any difference so I don't think that's it.

Is the bottom actually a solid wall.. err layer? is it just the infill looking messy?I'd be grateful for any suggestions.

Hi Malorion,

The cups are solid all the way through, of course print settings can override this.

I would check your bottom and top layers, I usually ensure at least 0.6mm of solid plastic. I don't think it's a shell issue but I always use 2 or more pending on the object.

Not aware of any other issues apart from possible scaling due to different printer tolerances.


Hi Ant,

All sorted. I've done a few things so I'm not sure exactly which solved it or maybe it's a combo of them:
1) Adjusted angle of the fan as per http://3dprinterwiki.info/wiki/wanhao-duplicator-i3/duplicator-i3-basic-mods/cooling-mods/
2) Pointed my desk fan at the bed too but I've found that leaving it off during printing seems to be better.
3) (in Cura) changed Initial Layer Height to 90% of Layer Height (using 1mm, so initial is 0.09) as suggested here: http://3dprinterwiki.info/wiki/wanhao-duplicator-i3/misc-tips-and-tricks/first-layer-settings/ - I had been increasing thickness thinking that thicker = heavier, stick down better. Shows what I know :P
4) re-changed my temp settings back to 215 & 60 to match the sample gcode files that came with my printer (I'd changed to 210, 55 at some point based on info seen elsewhere).

One or more have done the trick :) Lesson learnt: If you're (I'm) going to fiddle with settings, do one at a time and then print a couple of things before the next change so that any effects of that change can be observed!

I tried one more thing after a couple of successful prints. I removed the 8mm brim that I'd been using as it seemed to keep messing up anyway even though the cups themselves were fine. And they messed up again. Added it back and all is good.

PS I worded my original comment badly. I didn't mean to imply that something was wrong with your design, just my output :)

Very useful thank you.

I had to scale it up by 10% in CURA to get the spring and screw to fit.

Glad they proved useful.

Just printed these for my Di3 V2.1, but the springs are the same diameter as these......

Need another 1/2 mm in diameter to house my springs.