Desk Shrooms

by AndrewBougie Feb 27, 2016
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you should add dual extrude as a tag

Thanks for the comment. Just added some new tags. :)

How did you do them in all of those different colors? Anyway, I love your makes.

Thanks! The full color pictures are prints from Shapeways. Links are in the Thing Details. I also provided files for multi-extrusion if you want to print your own in multiple colors.

These are awesome!
Will definitely try these out as soon as possible when I get my colored filament.

Thanks a lot!

Thanks! Will you use dual extrusion or print in separate pieces?

I only have a Trinus 3D printer which doesn't support dual extrusion unfortunately, so I'll print the pieces separately and then glue them together :)

Cool. That's what I did. I don't currently do any dual extrusion.

First off I love this design. :)
I'm having an issue with my slicing profile and was hoping you may be able to help (i'm new to this so have no idea what to do). When it's printing it for some reason decides to add walls around the actual design. I don't want to waste a bunch of filament on useless walls, but can't find any way to get rid of them.
I'm using makerware and a ctc makerbot copy with dual extruders if that helps.

Glad you like the design! You are most likely seeing support structures and should be able to turn them off. How you do this depends on your slicer. This model should print without supports on most printers. If you print the model that is all one piece, you will get some sagging layers on the bottom side of the mushroom, but it sort of adds to the mushroom look in this case.