Companion Cube Double Deck Box

by Archimiedies Aug 21, 2013
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im using an ultimaker 2, ive not changed the print bed temp or the nozzle temp, im printing at 0.15mm 65% scale. but the print is just curling up at the corners, does anyone know if i need to print this on a raft to stop this or change a different setting ?

ive been printing on this printer for 3 years this is the second print im having problems with lol

Thank you for this thing! Thumbs up to you!

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Hi! Any idea how long this will take to print? I'm limited to 9 hours at my maker space :D thanks!

Any chance you can make this an actual cube? I understand it wont be a perfect cube because of the flat bottom, but I noticed the bottom protrusions are shorter in height then that of the top ones and now its driving me nuts. Or if you could post the cad files in a format for the masses that would be awesome.(igs, iges, stp, step) Either way, great work on the design. I printed the 1.1 version much smaller than designed (.4 scale) but the box printed well. TBD on the lid and its fit, but I dont expect any issues.

I agree with Kincade. I printed it and looks good, BUT would look better without the hearts.

I agree with my reply to Kincade :) Without the hearts it wouldn't be a companion cube.

I love this but it would be even better without the hearts on the side.... Just a thought thanks for the great design!

Without the hearts it wouldn't be a companion cube.

Love the card divider part!!!!!

Want a version that holds 4-5 decks??

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Any way you could remove the dice part? my printter can only do 130 mm x 96 mm x 139 mm. or would that not fit the cards right?

I was made to fit MTG cards in sleeves and fit 2 Commander Decks with -just- enough room to make it comfy, but not tight. If you scale it like others have done that might work but just not with the deck sleeves. Although it does give me an idea for a Single Deck Box.

What are the Dimensions of the final product?

because the bottom is flat it is 132x132x122

And is that in millimeters then?

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Has anyone had problems printing the overhung part of the slide on the base? Does it require support or is it usually printed without? Also: it definitely wouldn't require support if the profile of the edge were made into a triangle/wedge rather than a rectangle.

I designed it to never be more that a 45 degree angle. I haven't heard of any issues and I had none. I never could get it to work with ABS since it shrinks and cracks, but PLA - no issue.

Can anyone confirm that this will fit Spindown die?

I designed it to hold standard d20s with wiggle room. Spindown dice that I've seen are the same size.

I'm thinking of trying to break this out into a series of smaller prints as my Up! 2 is struggling to get through the print without clogging/fouling.

Anyone done this kind of thing before?

Should I just print each side separately (6 prints) and then use some kind of joint to assemble them?

Has anyone had issues printing the dividers? I can't seem to print without the extruder clogging half way through. (Replicator 2x) I have an idea to solve the problem but just thought I'd mention it here if anyone could help.

Sorry to hear about your clogging issue. I used to have clogging issues on other projects with PLA but that was because I used too thin of filament for the extruder. I went with 3mm thick PLA and had no issues since.

The replicator 2X has a ton of issues using PLA in my experience. Would thicker material work? What printer do you use?

I actually use a printrbot+ I got one of the originals and only upgraded a few parts since their beginning. I tried to originally do the print with ABS but, as mentioned, it peeled off the heated bed. One way to prevent that is to have an enclosure around it so no cooling/shrinking can happen during the print, but I didn't have one. I tried printing just the lid until I got it to work (by switching to PLA). So if you try different plastics, go for it! I tried several things that didn't work for my printer, ABS, thin PLA etc. But as soon as I found what worked, I knew exactly haw to work with my printer better!

Actually, I fixed the problem, just a little tweaking but it worked perfectly! Thanks for the help anyway and when I get a picture of it I'll post the remix. Thanks for making this! Everyone is jealous just so you know XD

Ahhhh Yeeeah! My congraduations! I look forward to it!

This says it will take 22 hours to print the box. Does this sound normal? Any way of speeding this up? Would this be bad to leave it unattended for that long to get a little sleep?

Im currently printing mine, and its taken about 16+ hours and its only halfway done. It looks fantastic though

It took me 14 hours and 44 minutes to print the base box on a Replicator 2. I was pretty hesitant, but I had to leave it printing overnight. I would probably try to start it on a Saturday morning where you're going to be hanging out at home, as the first two attempts i did (with the base & lid together) ended up messing up on the box part, and wrapping filament around the extruder.

It was no problem for me. If you've got your settings right it'll just go and have no issues. If you have a roller system for your filament, that's all you really need. Yeah there are ways to speed it up but since each machine and software is different you may need to experiment a bit.For example the other 2 guys that made this one was 12 hours and for the other who has a Makerbot 2x (he just says 2x) his print was 3.5 hours and 30 min for the top.