Crossbow, Western style, and Arrow

by CCCanyon Mar 1, 2016
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Hey, i might smatter some pieces of your crossbow with a couple other peoples models (With consent of course). would it be Ok if i included serveral of your pieces. I will make sure to mention you when/if i upload the full build?

whats the best way to print the bolts so they print well?

Lay flat, raft on. Haven't test what's the best infill configuration, but 20% did fine for me.

awesome. Shoots really hard. I twinned 3 fishing lines together to make a string.

Sometimes the trigger wont catch the string, so i need to fire 2-3 times. But that's easily solved with a bigger string.

Do you think you could make 3d printable screws or bolts?

is there any way to add a nerf dart to the end of the arrow

cut off the pointed tip and hot glue a nerf dart over it

what kind of plastic did you use?

I printed mine using PLA.

what kind of plastic did you use?

How's the accuracy of the printed bolts? I had a "Pistol Crossbow" once upon a time, but it got to be an expensive toy if you cared where the bolts went - new ones were targetable, but after they had been shot a couple of times, they'd fly in unpredictable curving paths.

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The arrow is light. It has a quite high possibility to go out of control.
And the crossbow itself is light, too. It would be hard to shoot targets with shaky hands.
For you to get an idea of its performance, I can easily shoot down an eraser 3 to 4 meters away.

Thanks, I figured it wasn't a precision instrument. My little wrist crossbow could hit a 5cm target from about 10 meters pretty easily with brand new bolts and a little skill, but if you took a bolt that had previously been shot and embedded in wood, or dirt, or almost anything really, you couldn't hit that same 5cm target from even 5 meters away - even though the plastic feathers, nose and shaft all "looked straight".

limb.stl re-uploaded.

bow_limb.stl can be loaded from "thing files" section. exellent crossbow. if to change arrow to ballpoint refill, its possible to hold shooting competitions

bow_limb = zero bytes. all files are corrupt

bow_limb is broken

I can't seem to print the Bow_Limb. It fails to upload when I send it to the 3D printer. Also, when I open it up in Solidworks nothing appears. To double check, I also tried to open it up in Inventor. Could you please check this file or reupload it please?

Edit: It turns out the file downloads correctly when you download the single Bow_Limb file from the website. It does not have anything when you download all the files at once.

Please can you have a look at the Bow_Limb, i've downloaded the files but bow_limb has 0 file size.

I can download the file and open it without any issue. Sorry, couldn't help you then.

I am trying to print this but there is something wrong with the trigger file and the slic3r cant generate is properly ? It generate the half of it.

You can try the new trigger file now, I fixed it.There was a useless face inside it.

What is the string made out of? Rubberband?

Mine uses a nylon string.
Other kinds of string should work, too.

Which is the infill necesary?
Very nice design.

The only parts that need attention are the limbs. They need to be printed identically and independently using the same print file.
Limbs must be printed at the same position on the platform to ensure the infills are identical. It is necessary so the the limbs will bent symmetrically when loaded.

Trying to import these STL files into Blender, but they're not visible. Software indicates that they were imported, but I can't see them. I'm not a newbie to Blender(though far from an expert) and I've never had an issue importing an outside STL file. Any ideas? Thanks!

Why do you need it in blender? Use Cura or something else for the slicing. I usually animate with blender.

I currently use Slic3r for slicing my models, though I'll probably be upgrading to Simplify3D at some point. I use Blender for all my 3D modeling needs, and have designed a number of things using it. For me, it has the functionality of something like a SolidWorks. As such, I'd like to tweak the design of the crossbow using Blender. I realize I can use some other software, but I'm very comfortable with Blender and don't have the time to spend learning something that, in the end, lacks its functionality.

Sorry @Uplifted1, I know nothing about Blender. Can't help you :(

Having difficulty printing the arrows. In Simplify3D the left rear stabiliser is not getting attached to the body so easily become detached. Also it only prints the left front 'weight'. The actual bow is printed beautifully and works a treat.
I'm going to try and print a 135% scale, it will just fit my bed.
I'm housebound and my poor long-suffering carer has been shot repeatedly, it keeps her on her toes and keeps me amused.
Well done on the design!

You have to repair the model in Netfabb, both Arrow and Trigger are damaged.
I know it's an old comment, but it might help someone else. ;)

Do you have the fixed trigger.stl file ? It won't slice in the most recent version of slic3r and I don't have netfabb.

There you go: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1705989/

You should download netfabb anyway, it's very handy.
Have fun! :D

Crossbow, repaired stl files by netfabb - CCCanyon

Sweet ! Will grab Netfabb as well for future fixing.

I repaired the arrow and it now prints beautifully. I did not know the trigger was at fault, I had difficulty getting it to push the string up, but that seemed to be a fault in body design, I welded a piece of filament onto the body where the trigger pushed the string using a soldering iron set to 250 degrees, followed with a bit of trimming/filing. It worked so well, I managed to build a 140% version. I also drilled a hole in the tip of the arrow and put a 3mm round head screw in the end to give it more momentum. It has an impressive range now, although I can no longer fire at my carer with it (I'm not that cruel).
It has turned into a bit of a pain as all my friends now want one...
Thanks for the help!

Haha, that's nice, gotta try a bigger version myself as well! ^^
I have the same problem with the trigger, it's definitely a design flaw. I'll try adding some filament on it like you did. ;)

Hello @Insomnus. I had the same problem too, but I have already forgot the settings.
I suggest you try every possible settings using the print preview feature. Always inspect the print preview, it saves a lot of time.

Very nice design, i think that printing limbs more wide would be much stronger. I will put stronger Nylon fhising anyway

What are the print bed dimensions required for this?

Well it looks to me like the largest part is the "body" which is about 165 mm long.

I am sure you can scale down a little if you need to fit your bed, but of course you will need to use smaller screws...