Lighthouse on a rock.

by kijai Feb 29, 2016
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Can you give me any idea of what scale this file is? I’m looking to rescale it to 1/300 for naval wargaming

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I noticed that there is a little cave/pocket around 6 stairs up from the bottom that wraps around and goes under the stairs. This traps fluid and is preventing me from making an electroformed version of this, as the fluid leaks out days and even weeks later and stains the model. Any chance at an updated model that fixes this. Very easy to see if you step through the model layer by layer. There is also a pointless bubble space in this model at about the same height that would trap uncured resin if printed on a SLA printer.


Thanks for the input. I made some quick fixes on the insides that hopefully helps. Uploaded as new file.

Thanks for the revision. Will attempt a reprint.

What's the difference between the two files?

Just the level of detail as some people were having problems slicing the higher detailed version.

I really enjoy lighthouses. This looks like a great model. Thank you for sharing and all the hard work. I think a version that has all the windows cut out and allows for a tea light would make this perfect for display. I may try to do a remix if you don't mind.

Thanks for the feedback. The first version actually had more open design but it turned out too difficult for my printer at small scale. Feel free to remix this all you want.

HI! What did you use to paint the model after printing? :)

I used some basic spray paint for base, and then just various acrylic paints with brush and finished with Citadel's Nuln Oil shade. The shading was way too dark for the whites though and I wasn't really satisfied with my paint job, it's all for practice though :)

This is the first model that has really trumped me, but for some reason, whatever I do, the stairs will not come out error free, I get little holes only on the inner sides of the stairs.

Calibration cube even came out great.
Filament diameter measured with caliper.
Extrusion multiplier changed from 0.9 to 1 for giggles, but no luck.
Went from 30% to 50% infill, no change.

10 layers at .01mm top and bottom, white PLA.

Even on a test where it was visibly putting too much plastic everywhere else, holes in the stairs!.
Just did not seem to be outputting plastic in certain points.
WIll try another slicer, using Simplify3D at the moment.

But yeah, considering it printed a successful watertight flowerpot with the same material just yesterday, confused that this one is stressing the printer. (Flashforge Dreamer)

(Still a great model, I don't blame you at all :)
More perplexed than anything).

Incredible model, one of my favorite prints!

What program do you use to make the stairs? Well. Probably the whole model. I use Blender and stairs are really hard for me.

I did the lighthouse itself in Blender and the base including the stairs in 3D-Coat, simply by placing boxes manually.

i have problems with the top of the steps not filling in all the way...like they are a layer short? other then that its 100% =]

It mostly depends on your infill settings, since infill is what supports the stairs. Increasing infill percentage and top layer count should help.

Still no luck. I wish I could post pictures here. I would show you what I'm getting. I even tried taking the generate G-Code and pasting it into the XYZware, but the results are the same.

I came up with a method to allow you to see what I am getting. If you will go to http://sizzlingsource.com/LightHouse_1.JPG you will see what I get when I try to print. The whole image does import in the software, but after it is sliced this is what I get.

I am new at all of this. Maybe I should just forget trying to print this for my wife. I don't want to create a lot of work for anyone.

I'm sorry for the issues you're having, but I don't think it's about this particular model since it slices fine in every slicer I've tried (Simplify 3D, Craftware, Cura, Slic3r). Or then it's some weird incompatibility problem. Did you try scaling the model and seeing if it stops slicing at same height?

I'm not very familiar with XYZware or davinci printers but quick Googling suggest it's possible to use other software for printing, like Repetier-Host. Maybe worth checking out if it's a possibility in your case, though it might not be too easy to setup.

Is there anyone out there that can give me some guidance. I have tried to print this using XYZware software to no avail.I tried running the stl through Slic3r, no luck. I tried using https://modelrepair.azurewebsites.net/index.php, same results. All I am getting in my model when the software is ready to print is a portion of the base. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Hmm I just tried it in Slic3er (version 1.2.9) and saw nothing wrong in the layer preview. All I can think of is a corrupt .stl file due to incomplete download or something. But I added a decimated (50%) version of the model so you can test if that at least works for you.

Time lapse print with color changing ABS: https://youtu.be/yofG2m2Pi0I

Very cool! Thanks for the video :)