Time And Relative Dimension In Space control cover plate... OK, So it is yet another switch plate.

by ICEPICKTONY Sep 1, 2013
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You and the community can kiss my di** with that stupid noncommercial movement. Just for that im going to sell this! Lol get over it! Catch up with the times!

where is he saying not to sell printed parts? looks to me that he just did not want his photo lifted and used, so they just want you to use pics of your own prints to sell items or something. IDK if that is true though so maybe you can ask

Great Job! The consideration for creating a ring and having the plate on top of it is a step above many other prints. Most modern switches tend to protrude from the wall and you need to create a buffer zone so your switch plate envelopes that space. Many of these great prints have not taken that into consideration and you need to carve out some of the back to fit.


I have attempted to print the switch plate twice and each time around the 65% mark or so my printer extruder nozzle and the whole x-axis jumps back and starts printing behind the plate. Seems quite a coincidence that it happened twice at the exact same point. I am using a MakerBot Replicator 2, 10%, .20mm, 2 shells, 240 degrees (I've had better success overall with hotter temperatures lately.) Could there be something wrong with the file at that point. I think I am going to try and re-download the file and try again.

Interesting, I have not heard of anyone experiencing the problem you are seeing. I have printed the file many times on the same printer, though my temps always seem to work better at a cooler temp of around 200c. I would recommend downloading the file again. If it still gives you trouble, I can email you the copy from my system. What slicer are you using? I used to use the Makerware, but have personally found I get MUCH better results using Simplify3D. If you would like me to slice it for you using that, I can send you the sliced file,

Is this customisable to fit different switches, in case someone downloading this is in a different country?

you can always scale it in your editor.

This is not customizable. I was not even aware that the European standard was different than what we use in America regarding the mounting Hardware. If you know the dimensions, I should be able to make changes to the design and upload another version.

do you have a cad file so I can edit it? If you'd like I can send you the file of an American version that way its still on your page. I wouldn't take credit for the hard work you've done, just simply move the holes.