Customizable direct drive extruder for E3D v6 hotend for Prusa i3 / Wilson / Geeetech

by gtcdma, published

Customizable direct drive extruder for E3D v6 hotend for Prusa i3 / Wilson / Geeetech by gtcdma Mar 2, 2016


2016-03-17 UPDATE:

  • Dual extruder version!
  • Prometheus v2 hotend support (untested, set "prometheus=true" in scad to generate proper STLs)
  • Rearranged stl files

This is a simple compact mount for E3D v6 1.75mm hotend with direct extruder.
It was designed to have the following features:

  • Minimal footprint to provide the largest possible print area in all dimensions.
  • PTFE tube extends right to the extruder gear, as recommended by E3D.
  • Flexible filament support
  • Built entirely in OpenSCAD. Highly customizable and parametric.
  • Can be configured for the parts YOU have: use any drive gear and any small bearing. Just set the proper dimensions in the header.
  • Compatible with both standard "rework" X-carriage and Geeetech version.
  • Multiple mounting holes for fans, sensors, lights, etc.
  • Easy maintenance: hotend and extruder parts can be removed or replaced without disassembling the entire thing

Part list: (for single extruder)

  • Some PTFE tube, if it didn't come with your hot end (2mm ID / 4mm OD)
  • 2 x M3x40 screw
  • 3 x M3x16 screw
  • 2 x M3x20 screw
  • 1 x M3x10 screw
  • 1 x M3x5 flat head screw
  • 1 x M3x12 or M4x12 or M5x12 screw (depending on bearing type)
  • 1 x 4mm OD / 3mm ID / 12mm long brass tube (optional, can be disabled in config)
  • 3 x M3 nut
  • 2 x M3 washer
  • M3 thumb nut for spring tensioning (or two nuts and a wide washer, or M5x10 internal hex bolt like in Geeetech MK8 extruder)
  • MK8, MK7 or other drive gear
  • any bearing with 3-5mm ID, 9-16mm OD and 3-5mm width (603, 623, 624, 625, MR104...)
  • spring with 8-10mm diameter and 15-25mm length
  • 5015s cooling fan for PLA

This is a work-in-progress. So far I've only tested it with 624 bearing and MK8 drive gear. Any comments and suggestions are welcome.

Print Settings

Printer Brand:











Download the zip file, open hotend_extruder_mount.scad and configure it for your gear, bearing, x-carriage and motor.

For dual extruder you need a dual base and two copies of each other item (left and right).

It's better to print the extruder parts with ABS or PETG, however I printed it with PLA (except fan duct) and don't have any melting or other problems so far.


Remove supports from the filament tip. Assemble as pictured. Bearing mounting screw is supposed to self-thread into the plastic. Carefully cut the PTFE tube with a sharp knife according to the shape of the plastic tip so it's as close to the gear and bearing as possible.

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Hi. I want to mount BL touch. Does anyone knows what is the best bracket to fit this setup ? Thank you

Can you send me some STEP files? [email protected]
I'm kinda noob in Openscad :(

Now there should be one for CR-10. I don't see how it wouldn't work, but don't seem like this well work.

hi, is there a way to make a stl for 1 of the pieces in autoscad ? cannot find that option


You can use meshmixer to seperate the stls.

I'm thinking of printing this for my Maxmicron R8 dual extruder. Do you know if there is an easy way to adjust the second extruder height? I'm currently partially done printing https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2161827 instead to help easily adjust the extruders. I would like to move to a direct drive though to help print TPU.

New Dual head extruder including height sensor and head adjustment height
by ronenst

I made a bracket to mount this to the stock X carriage on my my Geeetech i3 Pro B (https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2024486). I have been using this extruder for some time now and it has been a huge improvement to my printer. Excellent design, thank you for sharing it!

Geetech i3 Pro B mount for e3D customizable extruder
by cudatox

Ok I'm going to post this because it confused me (probably should have read better).

MK7/MK8 refers to the size of the wheel on the stepper. 623/624 refers to the size of the bearing use as the idler...

Thanks for making such a complete project with so many options.

mk7 and mk8 are actually types of extruders.
the anet a8 uses a mk8 extruder.
but i have adapted it to use a mk10 extruder, and also there are plenty of Jhead style mounts (for extruders like the jhead or e3d's series of extruders.)

Excellent work! Does having the motor mounted on top reduce the maximum Z height print area?

can i mount it on anet a8?

the two screw M3x2 that are fix the hotend edv6 they dont have a way to mount a nut? How I can secure the hotend?

Comments deleted.

I have a clone e3d v6 and the black plastic fitting where PTFE tube is attached is diferent.
Can i remove it and assembly without?
or, its need?

My mistake,
I reasoned that if you are using the j-head, and its purpose is to run a ptfe tube from it to a extruder motor away from the carriage (bowden tube setup), you had a bowden with a very short tube (in your case) and then a tube from the top of the extruder motor to serve as a guide.
Once again, very nice design, and what I really like is that is open for easy change of filament.


Dude nice Disign but i have a motor that extrudes on the left side so i printed the left files and it meant to be for right motors so i would prefer to edit thise files ;)


Looks great but my understanding is that the purpose of the bowden is to take off weight from the X-carriage thus eliminating inertia by installing the extrusion motor somewhere else.
By installing the extrusion motor on top of the carriage, more weight is added, and so defeating the purpose of the bowden.
Anyway, is a nice design.

This is not a bowden extruder. The teflon tube that goes from the top of the extruder to the frame is completely optional, it's purpose is just to guide the filament.

Hello, thank you for sharing.
I admit that I am a little lost with all the different files.
I'm using a Geeetech Prusa I3 Pro C dual extruder MK8. So can you tell me what to choose in mk8_623 and mk8_624?

Thanks in advance

Sorry, I'm afraid it's none of them. But you can try to set proper bearing and gear sizes in OpenSCAD and generate your own STLs.

will u add autolevel mount in the future?

There is one already in the remixes:

Mount for capacitieve sensor 19mm
by Slavulj

Got the link for that blower fan duct? I can't seem to find one that is compact enough to fit properly.

I've added the STL file for the duct

If you get the scad file you can get the blower fan duct from there.

Comments deleted.

Been using this design for a few months - very pleased with it BUT ......scad configuration for twin extruder generates the front plate overlapping with the back plate.....Also layer fan cooling hole spaces are not accutate ( 1x hole for mounting???)

I'm using this extruder for some months now and I'm very happy with it, works great! Thanks for this great design!

Great design and very usefull.
But it's so sad that many people never finished their thingis.

Come on, do it :)

Stupid question, but can you confirm that these are where all the screws go?

2 x M3x40 screw - attaches the 3 main pieces on the bottom of the unit together, connected on the back with two M3 nuts
3 x M3x16 screw - connects the main lower body to the bottom part of the motor. 3rd goes on the idler to attach to the upper part of motor
2 x M3x20 screw - one of these goes through the idler arm? Where does the 2nd one go?
1 x M3x10 screw - does this connect the fan to the unit?
1 x M3x5 flat head screw - connects the top plate to the top part of the motor

One other quick question - in the source, you have a comment that mentions the "depth" parameter is "good for 40mm motors". I have a 48mm motor - would I therefore increase or decrease the depth?


How does the layer fan attach just one screw? Any way to design a backplate on the part it attached to so its more stable?

Hello! I really like this remix! I'm just getting started /w modeling (via OnShape and Fusion 360) - so I'm not quite at your level yet :) I was wondering, would a J-Head MK-V (PEEK version) fit here? I know there's some subtle differences based on the comments from the original thing this was remixed from.

I printed the original but found that it took a lot off of my Y dimension (because I'm using a 48mm Nema 17). Yours, however, appears to go over top of the X carriage, which would solve that I believe (or give me back most of the space, at least!).

I should have thought about this before I printed the original. Lots of challenges - like no "clip on fan shroud" for the J-Head like the one that comes /w an E3D (I tried making one as my first modeling project, but it didn't work out well - just not good enough yet!). And since the E3D v6 is shorter than the J-Head, the fan duct from the original doesn't work, either (longer than the J-Head so it touches the bed before the nozzle does) - and the way it's mounted to the X carriage using m3 rods instead of screws is a bit odd (but it does work).

Anyway, sorry to ramble. Great work - and if you or anyone else has a J-Head variant of this awesome design, please let me know! :)


Comments deleted.

Dear: gtcdma
I am trying to order printed this from 3D hubs but it seems you have a parts list for non printed parts but not for printed parts for a single hotend. How many of the parts I need printed do I need to print in order to make this with a single hotend? Thanks!!!
From: Noah

This is awesome, I just printed this up for my Geeetech i3 Pro C with metal X-carriage and, with a few modifications, it works, which makes you a wizard as far as I'm concerned.

To make this fit on the metal X-carriage I just added a couple slots to the back to accommodate the screw heads for the bearing mounting straps, allowing the base plate to sit flush. All the other mods I had to make were handled by the OpenSCAD file, awesome job!

Here's the modded part -> http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1702234

I had to add additional channels for the belt holder and the limit switch bumper.

Found some more trouble, on the metal X-carriage the hotends sit too high, the nozzles sit ~1mm above the bottom of the X-carriage, so this base plate will not work for metal X-carriages without larger modifications, I think I might have to chop up the X-carriage to make this work.

E3D V6 Extruder Base for Geeetech i3 Pro C with metal X-carriage

Dear atrixium,
I have the same geetech printer like you.
Do you find to share your last updates?
Does it work?

great looking extruder. Do you have the 3mm filament version ready?
I use a hyena hobb gear ~12mm diameter. will it fit?

Thank You for your help.

Hi, the extruder I currently have seems to be the inverse of your configuration. The groove is on the bearing instead of the drive gear itself.

What parameterse should I modify?

http://www.geeetech.com/images/v/Geeetech_20160302193343.jpg this is what I mean. Items of interest are the 693zz bearing with u groove and the weird mk 8 drive gear. I think it's 11.5 OD.

thanks in advance

I would like to ask you a Question, Where did you get the Backing Plate to mount your extruder to. I need that to use it. Thank You for any and all your help. Ray B

Hi. I would like to use your extruder design for my prusa i3 rework, but currently i am using a hexagon hotend. is it possible to make a version for the hexagon hotend? it has other mounting dimensions. here is the hexagon hotend: https://www.youmagine.com/designs/hexagon-hotend-visualization .. my openscad skills are not very well :(

i wonder why there are some space? is there anything i haven't realized

It's for the black plastic fitting where PTFE tube is attached: http://imgur.com/maKGC6p

A few questions first, if I'm using a 624 bearing then which screw will I need (the m3 m4 or m5)? also any idea where to source a M3x5 flat screw? I live in the bay area, but I can't find a place that has them. Sorry if these questions seem basic or intuitive, this is my first main upgrade and I didn't build the x carriage and extruder myself.

Where does the "1 x 4mm OD / 3mm ID / 12mm long brass tube (optional, can be disabled in config)" go?

I'm guessing inside the E3D in the Heat Break Filament Hotend Throat. but with a 3 mm ID it can't take PFTE in. so they must sit close? Or do you expect the brass tube to replace the PFTE tube?

I ask because I was having filament jams and thought the brass may help.

One more question. Can you point us to some good fan attachement stl's?

The brass tube is inserted between the lever/idler and M3 screw that attaches it to the motor, so it can rotate freely. It's not for the hotend throat. To disable, set "brass_tube = false" in the openscad file. It just makes the hole smaller.

I purchased the following brass tubes on Amazon:

Cut them with a dremel and used them in place of the PFTE.

Solved all my jams.

As far as fans go... See the Remixes....

There's an error in the design. For the Rework mount, the nut+bolt are M4 instead of M3. Also i added support for a 12mm induction sensor (using Fusion 360) but i can send you the STL for you to add it to the OpenSCAD if you'd like. Also, the parts are flipped in X compared to your print and your renders.

Thanks, I will update the design.

Would like to see this part if you can share. I was about to design one.

complete newb here but found this remix because im looking to get the v6 as well and i wanted to know what firmware or anything like this needs to be changed to accept this? links or threads would be much appreciated!!!

Probably way too late but no firmware changes necessary. Unless you're adding extra fans or something. Just make sure to adjust the Z endstop!

Hi, I am looking for the files for that Z-axis Lead Screw upgrade everywhere, can you please help me with the link? Thanks!

Any chance of a single fitting a Ubis hotted?

It should fit with the "prometheus" settings, but this design is better suited for hotends with PTFE tube at the cold side, like e3d v6

I apologize, Prometheus?

Can you make a duel and maybe it can support the Prometheus v2?

Done! However, Prometheus has adjustable length and in some configurations may end above the X-carriage. You may have to increase height_m value in openscad file.

Dude! You are a amazing! Thank you so much! I ordered two Prometheus V2 without putting much thought into how I would mount them to my printer.... LOL

I'll run them off, test and get back to you sir.

Thank you again!

Comments deleted.