Raspberry Pi 7" touch screen enclosure (case)

by Ozzytom Mar 2, 2016
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Best case for pi lcd screen. Would you make a new back compatible with the new PI 4 B? network and usb are swapped and now there are 2 micro HDMI instead of a larger HDMI port on this new model.

does this work on the Raspberry Pi 3 B?

How do you plug in the power to the screen driver board? There doesn't seem to be enough clearance for the usb connector for power in. Other than that, a great case.

Clearly the most clever design for the official Raspberry LCD screen (I tried other one with plenty of stupid design error).

Because I was unable to print the LCD enclosure in one part with my Prusa clone, it was necessary for me to cut it in 2 parts, this is why I remix it.

Very happy with this clever design, a big thank you!

What type and length are the screws used for keeping the pi screen inside of the enclosure?

Thanks OzzyTom, I've just made the RPi shell and it looks great (I'll try to fit my RPi later today). I'm just about to try one of the stands (I've had to rotate the .STL to print from the "base - up" so to speak. Is there a way of breaking down the 7" LCD mount .STL into two smaller units (Left & Right) that join? The reason for asking is that I have an Overlord Pro and the print bed isn't big enough to print the LCD mount in one go. Thanks for a GREAT "Thing" though. Cheers, Jon.

I've done it (cutting in two parts) and I will post the remix later today.

What's your design software?

I'm interested in fitting some speakers into a case like this.

Currently making this right now :) will tell of the results

Thanks for designing this!

Really great case! The tabs did break off for me, but some Loctite 404 fixed that up. Nice design, VERY strong build, and cool to watch Part B print (if you can spare the 6 hours)

First I love this screen enclosure!! I have a little request if i can. Is there any way you can design some kind of cover that could just push over the front of the screen and enclosure for travel or storage? I only ask because i have no idea how to design such a thing.

I didn't try the dissolved ABS, I printed it with PLA. You did an excellent job putting all of this together - I appreciate your sharing it! I didn't see any version of the back shell that worked with screws?

with PLA, maybe try some cyano-acrylate (superglue) wiped across the tabs to resist shearing along the layer plane.
Test it on a scrap build first, but do NOT get any super glue on your fingers or you'll need a scalpel to cut yourself free :(

I anticipated the possibility of broken tabs in the original design.
The backshell, part B, has 5 circular holes on the back plane. The largest hole is for the Pi camera module.
The 4 smaller holes (2 on either side of the GPIO slot, and 2 on either side of the camera hole) are concentric with the Raspberry Pi corner mounting holes.
You can use 4 appropriate length threaded nylon standoffs screwed to the Pi pcb, to provide threaded mounts by which you can secure the back panel in place without the tabs
for example: http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/like/191635004246?limghlpsr=true&hlpv=2&ops=true&viphx=1&hlpht=true&lpid=107&chn=ps


If anyone is having a problem with the tabs breaking off the back cover, before you reprint the whole back piece, this might help:

Replacement Tabs
by Meex

As stated in the original build text, it is advised to apply some dissolved ABS across the build layers of the tabs to reinforce them.

However, the original back shell has provision for using 4 screws to hold it in place if the tabs break.