MakerBot Gnome

by MakerBot Aug 23, 2013
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Hey MakerBot. You should add programmable stop heights into your software. It's kind of a pain in the ass to have to sit around and wait to change colors at a specific point and even then risk the chance of missing the place for a color change.

Wonderful thank you

Can you tell me what kind of paint to use on PLA, is it better to use primer first?

Just came across those gnomes and they look really cool. However I dont know if I can do that great painting work yet.

I printed this 50% bigger, about 7" tall. Almost came out perfect. At that size, there is a little bridging issue on the top of the shoe, and a slice was missing in front towards the top of the hat. It looks like it was just slightly too steep. But the gnome looked great at that size.

I saw something similar to what MikeNeame did in that the area around the MakerBot logo inside the shoe seems to have some unintended microholes which end up creating an akward dance when it is sliced. (Even more so when I used the Simlify3D Creator software to "Print islands sequentially without optimization". That really demonstrated the problem. I think the model needs to be fixed around the MakerBot logo to make it print more smoothly.

Please, I want to know what kind of ink did you use to paint this figure. There is any play that I can learn how to paint 3D models?

May I ask how this excellent finish is achieved?

What kind and color of filament was used,
And what kind and brand of paint was used?

"An Excellent Gnome."

-Chef Excellence

I tried printing and discovered that the base is not strictly flat. Normally I'd load it up in SCAD and slice the bottom mm or two off. Is there a better way?

This looks awesome! Can you upload an STL file?

Is it possible to use makerbot firmware with a gen6 motherboard and if so can I get it for my homemade printer?