Dragon skull from Skyrim

by dmaccallum Mar 3, 2016
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For anyone struggling with this print.

Lower the model into the bed so that you have a better flat surface to start with.

I would recomand to use 3D pen to anchor those points at 6% of print....
You know...pause print and add some supportive material with pen... ...unfortunately I dont have pen so I used lighter and bit of fillament :D

Use a hot glue gun.

It does make it easier but it cut off the ends of the horns.

I know. That's what makes it print easier as you have a full flat area instead of a single point. The method just make it easier for people to get a finished print instead of a failed one. In may case. I wasn't so fussed about the points as the main detail for me is on the Top of the skull.

Wanted to point out the negatives for anyone reading this so they have a complete story. A positive to this way is it would fit on a plaque nicely if you wanted to mount it as a trophy on the wall.

I got the print to work first try (enlarged teeth) but i downsized it and going to do the full size tomorrow i used supports that touched the bed (using PLA)

How did the teeth work out? No issues or losses?

This looks awesome but as stated it isn't for a beginner. First I downsized the model to 75% so I wouldn't waste too much if there where problems. I am using a Prusa i3 Mk3 and I made a slight mistake and the horns and one of the ear bones got cut a little (still looks great and hey it's a skull and doesn't need to be perfect). Make sure in the support settings to increase the overhang threshold from 45 to 70 to avoid this. Also z contact distance I changed to 0.1 to help with removal. You will spend a lot of time removing supports however if you're patient and careful you'll be able to remove them without breaking the teeth or other small structures. I would suggest this model be cut in half and laid horizontally to make it easier to print on smaller printers or if you'd like to print it with less support for the interior. I haven't done that yet but I think it would help.

I enlarged the teeth and posted it as a new file. maybe that might help. I did cut up the smooth remake and printed it. It is a lot better that way and requires a lot less supports.

Haha, I thought it was frogs fuck)))

The thumbnail of this looks like a person strapped to some kind of contraption with their head slightly to the side - Took me a while to 'see' the Dragon skull! :D

Anyone have any success printing this in ABS? I'm struggling here.

This does look tricky, though with the angles, it can probably print with little support in one piece. Where is your print failing and how? Can you provide some settings you are using?