Kossel / Delta Effector with Auto Level

by martin19791121 Mar 3, 2016
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Muy buen trabajo tio eres un crack,gracias.Probe varios soportes diferentes y ne dieron problems,este funciona.

it's cooling extruder ?

For those looking, I have an updated version of this effector fitted for the E3D V6

Martins Effector Upgraded for E3D V6

what is the distance between the parallel rods?

Nice design BUT the square ends where the rod bearings connect restrict the range of the effector leading to poor levelling as per lupixus comment earlier I suspect. The connection point is usually tapered. I added some small metal spacers (3mm) to both ends of the rods and then it worked well. With the hot end effectively shrouded by the ducts, there is a very restricted view of the printing action which is not so good for me. However the design works well enough so thanks!

I left the spring loaded hotend mounting which gives some resilience to head crashes and installed and IR sensor. Now its a good solution....

Nice design but it misses something. I have trouble with auto leveling because in some probing points, p the hotend is rotating due, probably to the filament tube tension or due to uneven tensions in springs. This rotatin is causing unacceptable errors when running G33 correction matrix.
I'll try creating a guidance tube for the hotend radiator to ensure only vertical movement.

I like this design but for one thing.. With your mounting points for the rods your going to give up vertical height.. I know its only @ 15mm but in the battle going on for capacity.. every mm counts ;)

Just printed and installed this. Saddly the fan shrouds that go under the effector are longer than the E3D v6 clone nozzle.

I am interested in this but would like some clarification on the above comment. Anyone having this issue as well?

I want this, but I do not know how to set it up.
Could you send me your own software?


How do you determine the Z-probe offset for this type in Marlin ?

Does anyone know if this will fit a v6 J-head? Also thank you Martin.

Is it possible that you can answer some questions privit?

How is the auto bed leveling done ?

Hello !
I have a (stupid) question about the auto-level part : wich part probe the bed ? did you do it with the nozzle himself or did I miss something ?

Thanks for your answer,


Hey there Martin,

I have made your auto-level part, and modified it to fit on my Wolfstock by extending the arm mounts to 52mm. I've also chamfered the mounts to allow for more travel.

Before I saw your Thing, I was thinking of mounting a UtilBots PG35L extruder on my WolfStock Kossel by modifying the K250 parts and extruders here:


I don't have the same software as you do, and I had to modify/fix a lot of import errors to make the changes I did to the carriage you designed. Would you be willing to look at adding a PG35L direct extruder into your design?

perfect design but both fans are cooling both the hotend and printer tip (print) as far as I understand. Therefore no way to print without the fan and cool the extruder

Do you have the step files for this model i would like to adjust it so that i can have 3 fans, 2 part fans and 1 active on the hotend. and i would also like to mount an LED ring on it too

i use Autocad to design this effector, i only have dwg file format

Is it possible to upload the dwg file ?
Which autocad program did you use ?

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Yes ! I use Autocad 2014

Thats also fine for me :)

have you printed with this effector and any issues?

Work fine no any problem

How much travel do you find best for the hotend to move before the switch activates? Also I just tried to use it, but then realized this is for a v5 head and not a v6

You need try. My seeting is the Z probe screw about 1mm space between to switch.
i use MK8 hot end & 30mm length stainless steel tube