Clamping leadscrew coupler

by jstevewhite Mar 3, 2016
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This is a slick design. I posted about it on the A6 FB page https://www.facebook.com/groups/1267099096657537
IT reminds me of some industrial parts I have seen. But they were huge like 6+ inches.

Can you re size this for 5mm x 8mm please?


There's a 5x8 collet in the "Thing Files" already.

Hi, i like very much your design, unfortunately i can't use it on my printer because it's too high :-(
o you thinj that is possible to realize the same coupler but with a total height less than 35mm?
Thanks in advance

I am looking to direct couple a dc motor to my Taig cnc micro mill. I am wondering if I had you design one for me and printed it in polycarbonate, if it would be strong enough. It would be a good thing if it was to slip in the event of a bad thing happening on the lathe, to destroy the coupler rather than the lathe. If you think it might work could you design one for 1/2” to 17mm. Perhaps 4mm bolts would be appropriate for one that size?

oh man you are my hero I am going to try these. Those cheap chinese couplets are not centered and the screw wobbles around. What screws are needed to assemble this?

I just installed this on my hypercube and it is significantly better than the el cheapo spring coupler off bang good. it helped eliminate an uncontrollable off set and my z wobble have basically gone. A+

Is this public at OnShape? I couldn't find it, but their search is really awful.

It is public on Onshape. my username is jstevewhite there, and this is called "Lead Screw Couplers", although it's just one assembly in the document. Someone found it. I am not at all certain how to share a link to a public document.

Maybe this is it: https://cad.onshape.com/documents/26d0efaa37d9a4950f583f6c/w/e445293b32a01c0d7e4cc4ff/e/aa97b8bcd733a952a24ec93a

Thanks, that works! What made you decide to use 4 slots on the collet with 3 screws to tighten it? It seems like an odd number of slots on the collet would help with centering, to avoid having slots directly across from one another.

No particular reason; the three screws were because four of 'em overconstrains the connection. I experimented with everything from two to ten slots, and this just was the one that printed best.

Hi, great idea and design for coupler. Can you pleas make version for 14 mm lead screw?
Thank you.

That will take a bit of engineering, but I'll try and get it done this week :D (14mm is larger than the opening in the locking caps)

Thanks, first I was thinking I will tweak it myself but than I realized I will have to completly redesig it. If it's problem for you or if the tweaking takes lot of time I will find other wasy how to connect 14mm lead screw to motor, but if you decide to make it for me I really appreciate it :)

Can you share the STEP files? I'd like to modify coupling for some projects. The most common size seems to be 5mm to M8 coupling. Alternately I've been using 5mm to M5 on my prusa - akimbo.

I uploaded both an stl with a 5mm to 8mm collet and the step files for both the collet and the clamps.

Sure. When I get back home this weekend I'll download the step file from OnShape and upload it.

wow, that's exactly what I need.
Thank you!

Hey, share and share alike :D Let me know how it works for you, or if you have any feedback on it.