Squirrel Salt and Pepper Shaker

by Formatize Aug 23, 2013
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Are we sure if salt or pepper don't dissolve something out of the material? PLA is food safe, but dirt can get into the layers or the heatend can be dirty as well so it is not recommended to use it as such, also we don't know the reactions with certain things..

Would you mind sharing the original CAD files? I'd like to modify the cap a bit.

where does the salt come out?

The salt or pepper comes out of the eyes.

Could not get this to print correctly on a replicator 2. Tried it various ways, raft, supports, etc.

This file isnt really printable on a Rep 2 (using Makerware Anyway). the only way the print will start is if you stand the squirrel on its base, but the internal threads start up higher, off the build plate, so you will just get spaghetti. building it on its side or any other way doesn't create enough of a flat surface to start, and building with support fills the inside. I'm sure you can use some sort of custom software to specify where supports would go, but using makerware i don't see how it would be possible.

That's strange, I printed it on a UP Plus so I can't tell what settings you must have for the Rep 2. I printed it on a 0.2mm layer thickness, on the slowest speed with the lowest support setting (10 degrees). What is the print doing?

Did you print it laying on it's side or standing up? It's impossible to print standing up without some supports.

Printed it upright but it only requires support for the threaded "neck" at the bottom. The rest can be printed without support.