Cricut Deep Cut Holder for Shapeoko

by Lionshead Mar 5, 2016
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Thanks for posting this design. I don't have a printer, so I'm looking at using one of the 3rd party services - what percentage infill and layer thickness should I select pls?


I just made a variation on this that attaches to the spindle of my Makita router (x-carve). Have you found a good way to set your zero yet?

If you can believe it, I haven't tried a cut yet. I've been trying to figure out a software workflow that included corner swivels. My plan is to use aluminum foil and two alligator-clip leads to make a contact-enabled limit switch. Better yet, a "feeler gauge" instead of foil because they have a precise thickness that can be compensated for when zeroing. That's the plan, anyway.

I've made a few cuts so far, just eyeballing zero, and want something more accurate (probing). The knife seems to be electrically isolated from the body, so my plan for just getting below the anodizing was a dead-end. I'm tempted to buy another Cricut housing to disassemble/cut up to determine the best way to connect to the knife.

Hmm, I hadn't got that far yet. Is it possible take a strip of aluminum foil and stick it between the blade and housing? and then bend it out so you could access it for a connection? Maybe rubber-band it to the bottom section of the housing so it stays put and doesn't fall out?

Hmm. Foil seems like a quick-fix until I can come up with something better.