Taz 12mm X-Axis upgrade

by billyd Mar 5, 2016
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Hi, nice upgrade ! What about the noise with the ball bearing vs stock polymer bushing ? Is it a lot louder ?

I don't notice it. But I do use an enclosure (search my designs) and that cuts down the noise substantially.

The stock bushings are absolute garbage. So they need to be changed on all three axes if you ever want good accurate prints printed at reasonable speeds and accelerations. After upgrading all three axes you can double the stock print speed and run accelerations over 1100 and still get good quality. That translates into substantially faster print jobs.

I have no idea of their quality or whether or not they are dimensionally the same to fit my print designs. You're welcome to try them. Tolerance and manufacturing quality are important aspects of this upgrade. If you remove either of those, the upgrade may not perform as expected.

thanks, other question, i'm going to replace all bushing by bearing. Do you think there is a benefit to upgrade Y and Z axis to 12mm as well ? I have to buy hardened rod anyway, price difference is very small between 10 et 12 mm

No it is not necessary to change the z or y to 12mm because they are very rigid on their own, due to the fact that the load is spread out on the Y axis by the bed (not a single pinpoint load like the x axis) and the Z axis has four rods so it is plenty stiff.

However, you should replace the stock y and z shafts with hardened shafts and 10mm linear bearings because they will be extremely close tolerance and not allow unwanted out of plane motion like the stock plastic bushings lulzbot provides.

Ok, thanks, I'll go for 12mm on X axxis and 10 mm on Y and Z.

This all worked great and did remove the mid section sag for me. For anybody that is looking to do this, its rather simple.

Parts are around $44

The print files work great and you can print them on your handicapped Taz 5 and they will work good.

Since I have some the threaded inserts for other things, I had most of the ends to do the job but as a person that does not, just use a pair of big dikes to cut out the old ones from the taz parts you are replacing, and then you can use a soldering iron to put them into the new parts. Just take your time with pushing them in and it will be fine.

The upgraded bearings feel really nice using roller bearings inside for movement and makes it feel like there is less friction.

I really enjoy the fact this looks just like factory.

Great job and thank you for taking the time to make it happen.

Great to hear. Thanks for the feedback. Yes I think it makes a huge difference. Checkout my removable build bed best improvement you can make to the stock Taz. I also recommend removing the plastic bushings and stock steel rods in the other two axes (Y and Z) and replacing them with the hardened shafts and linear bearings from Misumi. It makes a huge difference as it removes all the slop mechanically which is a huge problem also in the stock Taz printer. They can stay at 10mm though so you won't need to change any of the other stock components they connect to.

Also once you finish with all of my recommended upgrades (search my Taz upgrade designs) I highly recommend you go to the lulzbot forums and check out Sebastians firmware upgrades. He has created Taz 5 firmware from the latest and greatest Marlin releases (from the bugfix branch of the Marlin github). This was the last piece of the puzzle for me to get excellent prints from the Taz (after fixing it mechanically). Night and day improvement in print quality.

See thread here: https://forum.lulzbot.com/viewtopic.php?f=18&t=4464

Any suggestions where to buy the parts?

oh, nevermind.... I see you can order direct from misumi, but it's just a bit confusing on the site.

Yes it is a little confusing. It's best to do a search for the part numbers I listed on the Misumi site.