Ultimate Bag Clip

by TimLParis Mar 6, 2016
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I printed it with PETG, but the spring clips are always breaking after some time. Maybe I am playing to much with it, instead of leaving the clip on a bag... :)

But nice design anyway!

Sorry to hear they are failing for you. You could maybe print just the clips out of PLA. I don't print with PETG, so I can't really offer any better advice.

could you please make a version without teeth on the front or provide the source files?
Thank you

And really thank you for this design, I already have one printed and it's great!

I will see what I can do, might not get to it until the weekend.
Glad you like it!
EDIT: Added as bag_clip2_textured and a full plate version of the same. Let me know how it works.

Hadn't seen anyone mention PETG yet. I printed in PETG and the clip works GREAT! Thanks for this design!

I was searching for bag clips and most of the designs are the ones that look like clothes pins so when I saw this one I had to try it.

This has to be the best design on this site. Not too big to waste plastic and not too small. Printed this in less than an hour and came out perfectly. The textured one has very good grip. Has a stronger "clipping" force than store bought clips

.35mm layer height, ABS

Glad you like it!

I had printed a bunch of "Ben Heck's" bag clips, but they all eventually got "sprung out" as the plastic aged (PLA).
So I tried printing these. Both PLA and ABS seem to work well, the ABS seems to operate more smoothly than the PLA, but both are very usable. I've also made some scaled down to 75% full size, and these work better for some small packages.
I had to carefully file down the parts after printing to remove brim (required to keep the springs from curling up from the bed). Both Cura and Slic3r handled the STL files ok, I tried infill at 25% and 40%, no difference was observed between them.
Don't know how long these will last, but they work as well as the "store bought" kind, and cost less, plus replacement parts (I expect the "C" springs to break eventually) won't be a problem! Nice Design, the Textured one seems to work better for some reason.

Glad you like it. The textured one is much easier to hold onto while opening. The first thing that would happen when I handed it to someone and they opened it is that it would fly out of their fingers. I got tired of chasing the clips so I added the texture to the handles. I could probably add helper disks to the springs. Which part of the spring was curling up?

I was referring to bed adhesion. The part would curl upwards from the edges. Adding a few more loops of brim and refreshing the layer of Elmer's glue stick to the glass fixed that. It's a myth that PLA doesn't have this problem, it just does it less than ABS. The textured part seems to have deeper square holes for the spring clips to dig into, that helps a bit too.

This has got to be one of the best ( if not the best ) bag clips to make, easiest to print and and assemble.
Thanks for sharing this

Really glad you like it.

Great design, Easy to print works great. I've tried numerous bag clips but this one really works and is strong.

Glad you like it. Being strong was my main design goal.