Eggbot/Spherebot/polargraph Controller

by markbenson Mar 6, 2016
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Can I use this controller control Laser 5V/12VDC?

You could use the servo output to control a laser module that accepts 5v input signal. I don't think I have vIn (12v) broken out to any of the connectors, it just goes to the stepper drivers, so you would have to run the laser module power separately.

Hello Mark, I mean in case I have a module control Laser 12V, that module has the TLL output (+ and -). If I connect the module into your board so how to connect? One more question, the circuit was divided into micro-step yet?

Use the servo data pin and gnd to connect to the TTL input of the laser module. Power (12v) to the laser module will need to be connected separately as there is no suitable 12v output on my board. Note: Once connected, the laser module could turn on the laser output by default. No provision has been made on my board, in hardware or software, for ensuring that a laser module gets the correct signal to power up without turning on the laser output, so be warned & be careful (if in doubt, ask a professional etc etc). You may want/need to modify the board to achieve this.

The board supports micro-stepping and is controlled from the Arduino firmware using pin D6,7 & 8. You may have to modify other firmwares (i.e. grbl) to set the micro-stepping.

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What software (Inkscape?) plugins and g-code-sender do you use?

If I remember correctly, I used the unicorn plugin in Inkscape to generate the gcode and there is a python script for sending the gode (feeder.py) in github along with the spherebot firmware: https://github.com/MarkJB/SphereBot.

Uploaded to OSHPark
DIY solution but you have to buy it all and put it all together
2 layer board of 3.30x1.70 inches (83.92x43.28mm). $28.15 for three.

This could also be used to run an XY plotter or a small laser etcher
Very cool that the A0 is either the servo or could be used for a MOSFET to run a laser


Dear Mark good day.
Very much impressd of your project. Could you make a kit of comtrol board and sofware for sell? I'm interesting to buy it for reasonable price. All mechanics I can pritn at home.

Hi, I will have a look later and see if I have enough parts to put together a kit.

If I have, it would only be the PCB, sockets, pin headers and capacitors. You would have to add your own stepper drivers and Arduino nano.

The software depends on the application and is available on-line. (And isn't mine to sell).

Ok, many thanks. That is I wander for. Ihave Arduino and drivers, motors etc. Need only PCB and som brief instductions to assemble. I'm not much familiar with programming.

HI Mark is there eny chance you can help me with the files !? getting error on include WProgram.h iv dont have it
is there eny full build on this carde im on windows 10 included timer one.h/cpp and softwareservo.h/cpp , steppermodel.h/cpp all works fine
until it gets to WProgram.h.

Can i maby get a copy of your build becaurse you done it befor a couple of times
whats easiest way for you is the best ! :)

That looks like an issue with the newer version of the Arduino IDE. You can try this: http://forum.arduino.cc/index.php?topic=147680.0

Or try compiling with an older version of the Arduino IDE.

Another option is to download the latest versions of the original firmware (spherebot or polargraph) which may have been updated to support the latest versions of the Arduino IDE. You would need to change these to support the pin out of my boards. Check the schematic for pin out details or refer to my versions to see what pins I was using.

still interested !!! :)

Did you find eny cards ?

Hi, Yes, I checked and I have a few PCBs left. I'll try and put a kit together and get back to you with a price later this week.

The kit will just be the PCB, sockets, pin headers and capacitors, you will need to source your own stepper drivers and Arduino Nano.

is it tested yet does it work for a eggbot ?

I have built a few and used them for Eggbots and polargraphs/Hanging v-plotters, so yeah, its been tested and it works!

I might have a few kits left I could sell but I'd need to check.

yes pleas :) happy happy !!!!