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Qi Wireless Charger Cradle Stand for Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, Galaxy S8, S9 and S10

by xSnowHeadx Mar 8, 2016
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Would it be possible to make the diameter 100mm and 10mm thick?

Sorry, FreeCAD finally damaged the model. No further modifications are possible.
Therefore it would have to be rebuilt from scratch.

No problem, thanks for the reply.

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What is the diameter of your charging pad?

On Charging_Stand_Hardcase_V2_S8+ the distance from the stands bottom to the chargers bottom is 46mm. The version "Hardcase" has no lip and so thicker phones than 9mm can be loaded.

Ah, thanks. I just tried to print out V2_Hardcase. And yes, it definitely is too short for my phone. I'll print the S8+ version next.

You can use the"K-Studio-Demo" to make measurements on the stl-models before printing them.

Which model is the best to use with an iPhone 8 plus in an Otterbox Defender case? I have tried other stands with this wireless charging pad, but they all are either too thin (distance from the main stand to the edge of bottom rest) or are too short. The thickness of the phone is about 12mm, and the bottom of the charging pad should be about 50-60mm up the phone. Thanks.

Doesn't fit the S8+ with a case. The puck needs to be about 10mm higher

Thanks for the hint. Try the new uploaded models Charging_Stand_V2_S8+.stl or Charging_Stand_Hardcase_V2_S8+.stl

Awesome! I confirm it works fine on S8+ with Otterbox case.

Thank you for the positive reply.

Can you make a Version with this changes that you can see in the Pictures.
If I type in the upper screen area, then the foot tilts back, so I think a small extension of the foot would be great.

Since the stand slides easily on the table, the rear foot might be wider. So you could use anti-slip pads here.

Alternatively can you upload your freecad files?

It seems that you used the original model by SerafinG as to see on your pictures. My remix doesn't stand so skew that it will tilt on pressure.
But I uploaded the FreeCAD-model. So you can do modifications by yourself.
If you printed my model it would be desirable that you show your make.

working with galaxy s8:)

Thank you for your feedback. I will adapt the description.

Awesome I just need to get the charger base. Wanted something for at work, and this printed fine for me.

Nice make for the second try. A link to the fitting charger coil you can find in my description of the thing.

Great design, works perfect for my S7. I was already using this charger and tried to make a stand like this before I found yours. Love it.

I'm glad that you enjoy my design. Would you upload a photo of your make, please?

Sure thing. Made it with a XYZ DaVinci Jr 1.0 in PLA.

Sweet. Thank you. Been looking for one of these.

My pleasure.
If you'll print one then upload a photo, please.

Would you please post the Freecad drawing? I would like to adjust it for my 70mm charger.

No problem. Just uploaded the FreeCAD-File. Enjoy!

A short "Thanks" would have been appropriate.

Comments deleted.

Great design!
The only thing I would change about this thing is to allow for an S7 with a case. The little lip on the bottom front that should hold the phone on the cradle is so close to the phone body that my simple hardcase would not fit. I plan to print some additional add-on angles that will get glued into place and allow for the thicker case.

Thank you for sharing your experiences. Tell me, how much space you need, please. I can design a second version with a greater distance between corpus and lip. Btw, for my soft case there is already enough space between case and lip.

My Brila case ( is 12mm thick and probably a good average model for most cases but the Otter cases. Now, if you would just remove the lip, I think this would fit pretty much any case however thick they may come. I know this is hard as I can see how much effort you put into shaping this lip so nicely (I do recognize and appreciate such efforts).
I am currently printing little angles to augment my already printed cradle as I hate throwing away perfectly nice prints because of minor little details that can get fixed with such small adjustments.

No problem. If the lip disturbes she has to be removed. I attached a model with the lip removed. The original model for phones without case or with softcase is still available too.

will this work with original samsung wireless charger?

No, this will not work. This stand is especially designed for the Anker charger with a diameter of 68mm. The Samsung charger has a diameter of 95mm and will not fit in this stand.

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Can you make a model to fit this wireless charger?
Im not good with 3D modeling :/

This stand should be the right for your charger:

CHOE Qi Wireless Charging Dock (Made for Nexus 6 or Large phones)