Project: Laserscythe - Another Open Source laser engraver using recycled doohickeys

by piercet Mar 7, 2016
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Hi teacher

Please send a file STL
For this piece because it is not among the files and thank you

There is no STL for that part becauser its not a printed part. Its one of these: https://openbuildspartstore.com/mini-v-gantry-plate/

Edit: Technically its 2 of them, there is one on either side of the rail.

Thank you
How much work space per centimeter
And what is the size of the project

Do you have the full code?

Comments deleted.

The usable area for the one I built was about 20cm x 30 cm x 8cm. You could easily extend that by adding longer components. Overall length and height was about 500mm long x 250mm wide by 200mm tall ish. Than you need to enclose it in a light tigh5 enclosure box. The control code can be found from the referenced 3dpburner project, and the board controller code is just the grbl cbc base code set up for the axis length. I use inkscape to make the gcode.

Thank you

Can the length be 90 cm
The width is 50 cm.?

I wear you with me

I want the full code so please put it in arduino

With thanks

Sure, you would just need longer belts and rails or rods. The frame would take a much longer setup easily. All the code i used was the 3dpburner code which is available here http://3dpburner.blogspot.com/?m=1

that black metal plate going to X gantrys. you have used. Where did that came from ? :)

Thats a steelcase series Vertical file drawer separator from office furniture here. I've seen them on ebay pretty frequently.

I really do need to make a variant of that which uses something else there. You could probably just use flat bar if you wanted.

im going the try out with an threaded rod. trying to make some holes ind the gantry and se if that work :) jusk like the normal 3dpburner :)

Ok, good luck! if you find you need an adjustment to them to make that work, let me know!

What's the total cost for building something like this? Or rather this specifically?

With the enclosure it cost around $200. The laser is $100 of that by itself. I had another $80 worth of spare parts laying around too that also got used. The electronic pieces were around $60.

it would have been better to print in another color than black, the pictures are almost useless now :(

I shall have to respectfully disagree about the usefullness of the pictures, but to each their own. You can always look at the shapes in the model viewer if you like. Also black is what I had on hand at the time. I think it looks neat anyways.

I think it wouldn't look as good with other coloured printed parts mainly because the bought parts are also black. Black also is harder to see dirt on and thus is easier to keep looking clean. My opinion atleast.

Hi, wich software do you use to convert images to gcode??

I have used several packages. Corel draw works really well but isn't free. Villamany's free Image 2 Gcode program works well also. You can find that here: http://3dpburner.blogspot.com/p/files.html .

Awesome! Out of curiosity, what is the approximate cost of this setup? And how much time did it take to print and assemble?

Thanks! With the enclosure, it cost about $200. I estimate I had about another $80 in used parts. The laser and lens is $100 on its own, the electronics bits are another $60 or so. Printing time was 12-ish hours? There were a few prototypes in there. Assembly, having done one now, I could probably build another one with all the wiring in 3 or so hours. I am not fast at crimping things.