Chestburster for gopro mount | Halloween prop

by Ekdahl Mar 7, 2016
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Could not get the STLs in a position where I could reduce the poly count enough to render. I was able to use blender to reduce the massive poly count on the chestburster itself, but the clasp had so many issues, it would crash blender over and over. Tinkercad could not load it, nor could netfabb. I tried my slicer and it crashed. I would recommend a much simplified version of the STLs because that level of resolution is not necessary. Just a suggestion. I will need to try to print someone elses unfortunately, though this one looked superior and very well done, just an excessive amount of polys for some reason.

I can see this being used for other stuff...

Hi - not sure if it's Simplify being funny but it seems like there's a big gap between the bottom of the insert and the go-pro clip mount. Right at the base of the cylinder there's a couple of mm gap in there.

I'm not sure what you mean ? A gap like there is no material there or some other type of gap ?

I'm seeing the same thing, Straight into simplify 3D where the peg meets the clip there is a void. I had to go into meshmixer to fix it.

I'm trying to upload screenshots so you can see what I'm talking about.

It's difficult to show you without pictures but basically when I try to slice it and ultimately print it there's a gap underneath the cylinder that joins to the go-pro clip itself. I've tried it in a few different programmes and it's the same result. If you slice it then have a look at the inside near that join hopefully you'll see.

Very, very good!

thank you :D

Dude,I love Alien,so I think this thing is awesome!What if you added a thing so it can stick on your chest

You should check och Geoffros version, he has made one just like that : http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:500093

Alien Chestburster Halloween prop
by Geoffro

Did you use a factory made GoPro buckle, or did you print one?

Never mind...I now see that the other file is the buckle!!!!

I hadn't even looked at it yet. My apologies. :)

Awesome. Thank you!

I'll be printing this in a couple of days, along with the GoPro mount.

One final question...what color did you use to paint this? It looks pretty close to the color from the movie!!!

Thank you again!

I printed the Alien with 0.1 layer height. Sand papered it a little and Then used an airbrush and waterbased color to paint it. I mixed the color myself (from white, black, yellow , green and red ) it took som Time to get the right shade though :p good luck with the print :)

Okay, excellent. I'm not that advanced with finishing yet, so I'll try to get a good mix with acrylics then brush it on after covering the whole thing with a thin later of two part epoxy to smooth it out.


Now I just need to pick out a Nostromo shirt to tear up and cover in fake blood...

Sounds great ! And feel free to post some picture under "makes" once it's finished , I would Love to see the results :D