FiGO | Rear Support Pet Wheelchair

by Rickee Mar 14, 2016
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Thank you for this thing! Thumbs up to you!

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I don't have a dog, but I just wanted to thank you so much for making this! You're great!

I am so thrilled that people are helping the elderly, disabled and those that can not afford the present products offered on the market place! These person's that would have no other choice than to have their beloved family member humanly euthanized to avoid suffering, now can obtain easier & more affordable help their cherished pet, who are defiantly family in every since of the word ! God Bless you!

Does it work with cats too?

I'm currently printing this for a friends cat that was hit by a car and lost the use of it's hind legs. I'll post if it's successful or not :)

Does it work with cats too?

Bravo! Quel beau projet !

Thanks for this great design. A couple ideas:.

  1. Wondering if the middle brackets could be set in place with a 3D printed thumb screw instead of glue. That would provide some adjustability. The plastic tubing might not have enough bite though and might crack if tightened too much. Or perhaps some collars on either side of the brackets.

  2. It would be nice to countersink the screws and bolts so they set nicely into the brackets.

Thank you for building the cart, loved your photo! I also really appreciate your comments. I love getting feedback on how to improve the cart, and I'm going to be working on updating the design in the summer months. Please don't hesitate to keep sending me suggestions as you use the design!

You're welcome. So I tried to modify the brackets to make them adjustable (no glue). The thumbscrew idea didn't work. It just couldn't 'bite' into the smooth acrylic tubing. I tried something else that works pretty well. Check it out. - https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2905636 Needs a little work. I'm very much an amateur at 3D modeling, so what I can is limited until I learn more.

Dog Wheel Chair Adjustable Bracket Prototype
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This is awesome, i was just asked to 3d print a wheelchair for a friends Chihuahua who has limited use of her hind legs and will likely lose it completely over time. Thanks so much for making this available. Two questions would PVC pipe be swappable for the acrylic tube and for the 3d printed parts, they don't need to change based on the dogs size correct?

That is correct! PVC pipe will work just fine for a Chihuahua. Best of luck in your build!

Does anyone know how to open the Customizer?

Customizer is back in action! If you're unable to get it to work, this link should do it: https://www.thingiverse.com/apps/customizer/run?thing_id=1397964.

Hi there! It looks like the Customizer application is down and being fixed by Thingiverse. I'll try to keep you posted. Sorry about this :(!

I went to Plastic World and it was indeed awesome. However their 3/4" acrylic tubing is also about 0.88" OD. Is there something I'm missing about what 3/4" means?

hmm that's confusing. it could be that they are referring to their inner diameter of 3/4"? when I order from plastic world I ask for < 1/2" 3/4" > tubing. So 1/2" inner and 3/4" outer. The size shouldn't matter too much if you're comfortable adjusting the 3D printable pieces to that outer diameter size though, which will require a little bit of math and/or trial and error!

Do you have a source for the tubing in Canada, either online or in the GTA? Thanks.

For the acrylic tubing, plastic world is my favourite and they are located in the GTA! http://plasticworld.ca/

Thank you! I grabbed some PEX at Home Depot marked 3/4” but it’s actually 0.86” and I’m already too far out of my element.

Thank you so much making this available to us to help these little animals in need. I made a wheelchair for an elderly dachshund who looked so depressed that she couldn't use her rear legs anymore, seeing her attitude change instantly moving around happily following her owner around again was one of the happiest moments in my life and it was thanks to you.

Hi Frank,

I am overjoyed to read this message. Your build looks fantastic!

So glad you posted this here. I live in a very small town and a lady has a kitten with something wrong with its back legs. As a guy with a love of animals and two 3D printers, I offered to help this lady.

Now if I could stop doing things for free for people I'd probably do a lot better financially but damn if I can't stand to see peoples pets not doing well. Again, thank you for sharing this.


First of all, thanks for designing such an amazing solution for sick or injuried animals! I'll try to translate the instructions to spanish so it's accesible to even more people.

I've downloaded the files but they're not manifold, is there a way that they can be fixed? Thanks in advance.

Yes, as Frank mentioned I would run them through that website. I will try to fix and reupload the files soon! My apologies for missing your comment!

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My mini Aussie tore his ACL this week so I think I know my next 3D printing project. Amazing design :)

Sorry to hear that. Glad to hear you'll build the chair! Feel free to message me if you have any questions. :)


wanted to check, right now i'm doing a free community service for pets and dog, would like to ask whether can i use your design to print for them free, is that possible?

The materials and access to a machine may cost you some money, but you are absolutely welcome to use my design in any way you like as long as you're not selling it!

Thanks you Rickee, it will help more animal. i'm not selling it, i just want to help those poor one.

Thanks Rickee,

for developping FiGO.

I downloaded it for the CAP-Project to help dogs around the World in Low-Budget Countries.
They will be send as a complete packet.

Thanks for being a part of this,

Aad Koene, The Netherlands.

Thanks!! Please keep me posted :)!

Hi Rickee, thanks for developing FiGO.

i downloaded it for use at the CAP-project to help dog's all around the world in low-budget countries.
Voluneers around the world will print it as a packet that can be send all over the world

Thanks for being a part of that,

Aad Koene.

wonderful... i can help different pet with this !!!

thanks !!!!

This is really cool. I'm really interested in designing prosthetics for animals. We should work on making something similar to E-Nable but for animals instead. I'd be really interested in helping you out! :)

I like this proposal. I'd love to help with this.

I might print some of these and donate them to a local shelter. What you are doing is amazing and is one of the reasons 3d printing is so awesome! keep it up!

That's cool man. I think you would be better off contacting the shelter and seeing if they have a pet in need of it since I believe that it needs to be size specific.

awesome dude !!!!! Keep doing this wonderfull job !!! I'll try this with some dog !!!

Thanks for all the time you put into this! This is very helpful. I happen to have a dog that looks a lot like the one in the photo above.