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Walk a Mile in my Combat Boots

by ASLLEXICON Mar 8, 2016
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here is the thing ignorant and destructive to themselves? no they are not! if you have seen the shit they have been through and have seen you'd understand!! have you ever had your best friend die in your arms or maybe blow up in front of you? no you haven't and if they committed suicide have nothing against him or her they served so you be alive and not in a slave camp or dead! but really you deserve no respect from anyone the way you treat the military like this not even i would save you if a mortar was heading your way you are rude, disrespectful and very ignorant yourself! my father died in the Navy my grandpa was a code talker back in Vietnam, and my other grandfather was in World War 2 gassed with mustard gas and is still suffering from it today. my best friend has shrapnel in his spine, left arm and both his legs to far embedded to get out he cant walk without having sharp pains going up his spine! Now listen here you little kid i may be only 17 but I plan to join the Army myself not for me but for my father, my grandfather, and my best friends who have served before me, I want to protect them as they did me and you, yes i know this is long but i gave it my all and i will keep at it until you shut the fuck up and grow a pair and see how much strangers do for you without knowing it! now please have some respect for the fallen ones and the ones who are serving now. Thank You

I'm sorry you feel the need to join the military. I hope you'll reconsider before it's too late. The military doesn't fight for freedom. They don't "serve" the general population. They serve the state, and work to increase it's power. I have no animosity towards the individual. I have a problem with the institution. I also have an issue with the statement on the statue, as it's shaming ridicule. Discourse and criticism is necessary. Particularly when people's lives depend on it. By the logic implied here, you can't blame a mugger for stabbing you, because you haven't walked in their shoes. As far as "growing a pair," how brave is it to join the worlds most powerful, most funded military to fight people who live in the stone age with an array of devastating weapons? How brave is it to sign your life away to a system I'm sure you realize is wrong? Is it brave to bow to anyone? Your essentially become someones dog, fodder. The politicians don't value you. Is it brave to be a tool? By joining the military, you're saying you'll be someone's bitch and do as you're told. It's you who don't know what "strangers do for you." They accomplish nothing to aid you, only get maimed and broken psychologocally for a propagated lie