Tape Dispenser 3" Wide x 3" I.D.

by tetralite Aug 26, 2013
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This is EXACTLY what I was looking for! I almost went past it because I thought the 3" meant it was only for wide tape... not the size of the reel hole (which makes more sense).

I printed it up and it works beautifully! I just need to find a way to secure it to something so I can use it without it moving around.

I used Tinkercad to put some holes in the bases for a few strong rare-earth magnets, but I'll still probably need either more/stronger magnets or just a way to fasten it down.

Thanks again for designing this, it's fantastic!

I remixed the blade to make it serrated if anyone else was having trouble getting the tape to rip. Works well so far.

Wow, your blade remix works GREAT!!! Thanks for making it!

(I also have some safety razor blades I was thinking of adding... but that seems like a bad cut waiting to happen) ;)

This design or settings suggestions needs some tweaking if you want ready to fit parts right off the printer. I'm using a TAZ 6, with a few builds under my belt with no fit issues.

Like the design, but the amount of post print work is disappointing.

The more I look at it, the more I want to improve it. However, I have only printed one, and it is still in use, so it has stood the test of time. I was just beginning to learn Solidworks when I designed this, and I wasn't paying much attention to printer test results that tell me how much to add or subtract for good fitting printed dimensions. I got close enough on my first (and only) print to allow me to put it together. I don't use the pins on the spindle; using a 1/4"-20 threaded rod and 2 jam nuts on each end for a spindle axle. I have been thinking about a redesign based on having used it now for close to four years, but haven't taken the time yet. It could stand improvements.

i was thinking it might be kind of cool to make these dispensers stable.. so people can have multiple types one on top of the other ready to dispense.??

I think you meant 'stackable' (but they could be more stable too!). Yes, that's a good idea if you need multiple types of tape and want to save benchtop space.

i like this design. thanks for posting it.

It's a good design but unfortunately the plastic isn't strong enough to cut sellotape. I haven't tried it with painters tape as shown. I guess you could add a metal edge for other tapes, or just use it at a holder and cut the tape with scissors?

try sharpenning the blad with sand paper.. and see how that works?

Yes, it was designed for blue tape and the sharpened PLA blade I made was barely adequate for cutting blue tape. I added a blade made from 1/16-inch (~1mm) thick aluminum sheet cut to fit on top of the plastic blade, sharpened one edge at a 45 degree angle, and stuck on top of the plastic blade with double-sided carpet tape. But for cellotape I think you'd need a steel blade with small serrations (like on tape dispensers). It may be possible to use the serrated metal blade that comes on aluminum foil, wax paper or plastic wrap packages.

i was thinking the blad thickness could be increased.. and the cutting angle move slightly upwards could improve cutting capacity? and also people can sand the plastic blade with sandpaper to improve its sharpness?

Love this. how hard would it be to make is customizable? i have a 6 inch roll of blue tape... I'm going to try printing with the x-axis stretched 200%. we'll see.

For 6 inch tape I'd say the "side" parts might need to be thicker and add vertical bracing between the sides at the front to make it less wobbly.

Can your update this to include parts to make this work for 2 inch tape?

It works with 2-inch tape just as well as with 3-inch tape. I may do a re-design in the future.

Ok adding this to my collect list... will def be printing this soon. I need to order some fun PLA colors. Liking it in the green