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by 3DKitbash Mar 9, 2016
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My joint keeps breaking and cracking when putting it on, how do you connect the legs and arms to the body?

Hi mate really love this been making some extras for it over the last few weeks which when there all printed I will post for other people to print but one thing I have noticed thats stopping me from primting the legs is that's on the legs there is a large void just behind the joint cups and. How can I fill that in as I'm unsure how to do it without messing it up would you please be able to repost this part please please

I'm using PLA. Are supports needed? I would like to print the skull first.

I printed mine 125% larger then normal and used " only from bed " setting for supports and it one had a few little bits round the mouth

My print of this came out really well; probably going to print a bunch more in the future.

If the arms/legs seem tight on the joints, try turning them as you put them on. That made it easier for me and they worked just fine. If they're still tight, might want to check your printer...

Love this! Would love to see more of these guys- maybe a SkullBot 002 on the way?

Creepy! I like it! What material did you use for the print in the pics?

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If you print his body in flexible PLA his legs will not brake, i used ABS for legs and arms

Thanks for the model... But as others said joints are tight. Broken legs when I tried to put them on.

wait how do I even print these things

The print pretty easily on just about any printer I have seen used. Can you be more specific?

does the head fit on directly ? i have printed the skull body and the head , the head doesnt seem like its anywhere close to fitting on the body handles

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Hi, Yeah the head should be able to pop onto any of the 5 knobs.

I gave mine a light sanding first. It is a tight fit.

This thing rocks! My six year old absolutely loves it, and we haven't even got the hands printed yet.

I would love to have this, is anyone thinking of selling one.

You cant try 3dhubs.com, it Looks like it would be around $30+ to get printed from there

beautiful model, really love all of your guys designs.

i remember, when i was little, you could buy a toy that looked very similar to this one, i can't remember what it was called (if anyone know what i am talking about place tell me XD ), but im totally gonna print this when i get my PrintrBot´s printrboard replaced XD

I don't know what that toy would be, but would love to hear if you remember. ...The theming sort of has the same flavor as Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors ...with the potential attachments mainly. :D

Great Design, can't believe someone thought it was ok to sell your designs on Ebay those naughty scamps!

Thank you @Schnaaab, and sorry for reply delay. - - - They were naughty... and presumptuous. :) Hopefully they now have a better respect for the community of Thingiverse and Ebay, and choose to work with those communities and not in spite of them. For the record, we communicated with the Ebay posters and they did do all we asked in regards to our files. ...But it was the alerts we received from the community that were so valuable to us. We really appreciate the help people have leant us. ~Q

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I printed in ABS with suggested .2mm and 8% infill. Unfortunately, both leg sockets cracked when I tried to snap them onto the skull. Anyone have tips on making the pieces fit together?

I have mine set for .2mm, 3 shells and 10% infill for PLA and the joints move nicely. Especially the legs, they worked from just popping it off the bed.

I have the same issue Im working out.I think the arms dont have the problem because of how they are orientated for printing. The legs just happen to have the layer lines almost perpendicular to the part and that makes a weak point when expanding to pop in.

Hmmm... The fittings are snug to maintain tension... Maybe try printing with slightly more infill (10-15%) and if you feel as though the socket may break, ream it lightly along the opening to allow a little more room.

Thanks for printing this guys out!

I had 10% infill and mine cracked too (PLA). :(

Still printing the arms, weapons etc.

@cmar @Keebie81 @uglybob I'm working on something right now that may serve to help. I'm putting a very slight void in the upper leg that will essentially make the filament walls twice as thick in that area. ...I'm going to test it first but assuming all goes well, I'll post it in the next couple hours. - Will verify here, that it's worked so you guys know.

@cmar @Keebie81 @uglybob Okay, I've replaced the legs with a revised version. It may help.


Finally got around to reprinting these (new version) and they cracked. One thing I noticed during the print, the area behind the socket is hollow... no infill... not sure if that was by design or not.

I have some PETG on its way and i'll give the older design with more infill a go.

The arms are fine and same as the hand and weapon. Found the backpack and aerial to be a tight push but loose in the socket. I said to my daughter he was a happy robot and could wag his tail (aerial) :)

The skull body printed amazingly well! The mouth moves, didn't expect that! Arms and legs printing now.

Awesome, and thank you! ...I tried to incorporate print-in-place moving elements on all main objects to just add a little more character to him. ...The head and backpack were just too small. ...The arms are snug, but they can rotate at the wrist.

This reminds me of something from Fallout but with some amazingly insane changes. Awesome job!

I have still not played Fallout yet, and your comment is making me want to go get it all the more! ...I found a fallout mashup on Mashstix.com and I really loved the tone of the game. ...I'll have to get SkullBot some post-nuke gear.

Awesome work! Thanks for sharing :)

Thank you Pyromaniac.

Awesome design, specially the leg and arm, can move without assemble after printing.

Thank you Ckwongr!

Make the RukiBot available! That thing is awesome :)

The RukiBot is available. http://www.3dkitbash.com/rukibot Its another great model, I have one on my desk at work

I can't bring myself to spend money on a 3D files when i make them for a living.

It's a very cool Robot though, so i might just go for it this one time :)

Thanks Ronan87, Thanks Keebie81! - I'm looking forward to going further with the RukiBot series... We're still only at 001!

Very nice . I will print for sure. It has more weapons? Where I can find those? Thanks

Thanks for giving him a shot! - As for weapons: He doesn't have any additional 3D-printable weapons at this time, but I made his claw so that it can hold 5mm posts. ...Many Transformer toys have weapons with 5mm handles. So if you have any toys like that around you should be able to equip him.

wow ONE DAY feature!
I cant get any of mine featured after a year of publish ;9

We got lucky. :)

Printing in progress, pictures to follow.

Thank you! ...I get a total kick out of seeing how fast an army of robots can form online. #RukiBot really caught on too. :)

I'm not sure if this is the right place to say this but I wasn't sure where else to say it:
The description in the featured carousel is missing a t. "...pretty sure you stared printing it..." should be "...pretty sure you started printing it..."

I say this not to be rude, but to help the person who's in charge of the carousel.

Featured only about an hour or so after I saw it; amazing design. Can't wait to print it :)

Thank you! Yeah, we just posted him hoping for the best and coordinated some Instagram and Twitter posts and it seemed to work for the powers at Thingiverse. ...This project for us is about trying to point out that what the community does really impacts our work and we really appreciate the help and notices we received when people believe there are files being misused. We really appreciate Thingiverse featuring this and allowing for that point to try and get made. - It's a great feeling to be part of this community, and an amazing thing to see what the community can do when it feels as though something 'uncool' is going on.

Was this printed in PLA? It looks amazing.

Thank you! This guy was printed with the PHA/PLA blended filament from our website. ...The pictured colors are: Command Green, Comrade Khaki, and Builder Bley

Thanks! I hoped you might spot this fast. :) ~Q