by muzz64 Mar 10, 2016
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These are cool. Would be nice to have a black one so can make for my car when towing etc to hang from rear view mirror

Un llavero con placa matricula europea personalizable estaría muy bien

You should totally make this available to use in the customizer!! Would be cool to put someones name as a fun little gift for someone

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Gracias por su respuesta!
[email protected]
Muchas gracias!

Por favor, sería posible la matricula sin nombre??

Envíame un mensaje con tu dirección de correo electrónico y te enviaré un archivo en blanco (sin texto)

Can I at least have a scad file?

This was set up in Rhino so there is no scad file available... the one thing I could do is send a blank (no text) version as an .stl you can add text to. If you want this message me your email address....

How about "DON'T PANIC" and "42" ? ;-)

SpaceX ?

'DONT PANIC' has far too many letters... could set up '42' and SPACEX for you if you want. If so please message me your email address and I'll send the files...

Thank you, really nice.I like the idea. I don't like so much the "Thingiverse" and "3D printed" text though.

I was looking for a sign saying "Long Load" or "Road Train", maybe in 2 lines, for my bicycle trailer, will that be available ;-)

Or a blank plate, I could paperprint the text and glue it onto.

If you want to keep it looking like a number plate the text needs to be in a single line so characters are limited...

Yes sure, but I'm really just after the text. It's a truck sign but I want a mini one for my bicycle trailer.

The number plates in my country has another format anyway ;-)

Here is my "Roadtrain"

Can I do a remix and have it say " GR8DAD " for fathers day?

Sorry but no... but I've done it for you!

As I have the original design files this ensures no issues are caused through editing. Hopefully this achieves what you want.

All the best

Great work!! Congratulations!
I need one, like "TEACHER" plate, is a gift for my wife. Thanks.

Would you help me make one of these for a charity bike give-away. We want to print 150 of these and allow the kids to create their own design with markers on their plate. It would mean replacing "thingiverse" with "SMILES" and replacing "3D Printing" with "FOR LIFE" and then leaving the center portion blank for self design with markers. Thanks

hello i was wondering if you could please make a version of this that says CRBP it stands for chain reaction bike protect

Made a complete remix and OpenSCAD files but then I found out your Creative Commons License doesn't allow derivatives. Whoops :/

It would be great if you could post an "OUTATIME" plate. My son really wants a Back to the Future plate.

Thanks for your message... technically that is too many letters but it has been added. I hope he likes it!

Love these! Awesome idea!

Thanks ... spread the word and print lots. They're fun and people appreciate them

These are soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
Please make them customizable! ;D
If you can't just provide me with a blank plate (no names) and I'll make them customizable (all credit to you)

I described how to create a customizable plate here- http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:946475

It requires openscad.

Customizable Children's License Plate
by peedub

Thanks for providing the link... I do need to look at making thing customizable so my plan is to learn OpenScad over the next few months...

Thanks and I've had another couple of offers.... I can easily send the .stl however the issue I've had is the source font for the correct licence plate font. If you use a different font they simply don't look right. My initial ideas was to make a lot ready to go, as I have, but make it available so people could create their own unique Platez. I'm just not sure how to get the correct font to work within customizer. Message me if you can help with that... thanks!

Very cool, it would really be cool if this was a customizable thing!

Muzz, I'd be happy to help with customizer as well...

Thanks for the offer... I did think about that but decided I would see how popular they were first then got carried away with lots of ideas. I don't know OpenSCAD currently but have skimmed through the manual and it looks fairly straight forward so I'll add it to my "to do" list as I have other ideas that will work well as customizable things. However, I may take you up on your offer if I run into any road blocks or need some tips. Thanks again!


Your creativity is truly amazing. OpenScad has been the only design tooI that I could wrap my mind around. Simple solids added and subtracted. That's hiw I think I guess.

Please take a look at all my designs. They include openscad code.

What do you primarily use for your current designs?

I've used Rhino since I started and found it to be fantastic for 3D modelling. in particular I found the animated help a great tool when getting started (...there's an animation for almost every function showing you how to use it and what it does) and it allows you to have four views on your screen at one time (top/front/side/perspective).

I've had a look at you things and have to admire people making detailed things in OpenSCAD as, based on my impressions of OpenSCAD to date, it clearly isn't as quick and easy to make complex things as my Rhino. Anyway, that's on the radar to learn over the next little while. Check out Rhino 5... there is a trial download that allows 25 saves. You've got nothing to loose by giving it a go. Just use your saves sparingly....

Rhino, got it. I will give it a shot.

Most definitely, customizable would be fantastic here. Do you know OpenSCAD? If not then message me and I'll help you get started. This design would be awesome as a Customizer.

Thanks for the offers... I did think about making these customizable but decided to release them as they are to see how popular they would be first.