Drilling templates.

by MCostaJR Aug 26, 2013
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Hi SteveCaplin! I've did it! I've made a version on my templates customizable and improved the design a little bit.
Check it out! http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:142382http://www.thingiverse.com/thi...
As for instructions on making an OpenScad design customizable, see if you can open this link: http://www.thingiverse.com/apps/customizer/run?code=83e09d6b11349a83f891f8ae894b3f07http://www.thingiverse.com/app...

I liked your instructions very much, they are very clear and easy to follow, Thank you very much!

Customizable drilling template

I've also done a parametric version of this - using OpenSCAD. You can read my instructions on how to create it on http://3dgeni.us3dgeni.us at this address:


Hope you find it useful! I'm also trying to figure out how to get it into the Customizer, so if you beat me to it I'd be most interested to see how you do it. All the instructions here on Thingiverse seem to have disappeared!

Hi, I've couldn't get out of my mind that this template would be great if it was parametric and we just had enter the spacings, leg sizings and drill diameter. So, I've learned OpenScad and made one! As soon as I learn how to make it compatible with the Customizer I will publish it!

So, I'm thinking about making a customizable version of this. What design features do you like? That corner jig looks funny, is there any advantage to having the arm come out that way (as opposed to just a plate)? On the table leg jig, I'm assuming the lines are simply so you can see your "X" mark - the tolerance looks pretty tight, would you want it larger? Do you like the design for the sides of the leg jig? Good angle? Good flexion? Good tolerance?

Ive published the parametric template as "Customizable drilling template". Its just the table one, and I`m not sure if the Customizer will work with it. But it works very well in OpenScad, take a look! As for the lines in the leg jig, it was to allow me use a mechanical pencil and mark an "x" to check if my jig was working. When I make it parametric I will re-design it.

That one was the first I've made in a hurry to get the job done. I've already designed one that uses less plastic on Openscad. I'm trying to make it compatible with Customizer now.