Earth Shot

by WilliamAAdams Nov 28, 2011
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Will you please design a version of this with a puzzle overlay so that some of the pieces of the puzzle can be raised or lowered, signifying that the world is in a period of transcending the old paradigm, into The New Age of Compassionate Responsible Abundance? Will you also design a base with "Our Infinite Future" signified on one half of the base, and the other half, Alpha Becomes Infinity in symbols alpha, phoenix, infinity? Will you then create a full circle stand that fits the Earth to the base, allowing the Earth to spin on the Polar Axis, whereas the Circle is made of the Silhouettes of alternating male female male female and so on, holding raised hands signifying happiness, success and togetherness?
Thank you for your time. I appreciate your skill and persistence.
Sincerely, Luke Nathan: of the Hayes family

This basically means that the larger objective is to help all mankind transcend through a compassionate responsible transcendence, but the transcendence will occur at any cost, if mankind is too slow or is too irresponsible with the planet and each other. The new age may rise from the ashes only if mankind falters. I believe that such a design will help to empower the compassionate transition. Do you agree @WilliamAAdams? Do other readers agree?

Not a single word about a support :) Will it not fall if I just glue the bottom plate or do you guys used support. I am printing on Ultimaker2.

I print on an Up! so I just go with the default support there. I would assume you need something around the base, but the early slopes might be slight enough to not need it. Your mileage may vary.

And the whole of the texturing is less than the error rate introduced by the printing :P... how to express a 10 mile deep ocean trench on an 8000 mile wide sphere.

Yeah, I've heard that if the entire earth where shrunken to the size of a billiard ball, it would be as smooth. (and just double checked that so as not to perpetuate false stuff... and yup! true) So, hard to make real representations of it without exaggerating things a bit.

Billiard ball, snort, pushing up glasses. An earth the size of a bowling ball would be smoother than current plate glass with a deviation less than 1/20 millionth of an inch.

Also, I will be printing mine with a ratio of Π * 22 / 7 as an oblate spheroid right after I find out what a Gurl is. 8-)

It's not quite that smooth. On Bowlingball earth (which will just about fit on a Prusa) Everest is ~0.15mm high, which is an easily achievable layer height on a well-tuned machine. =-X

Luckily, it's 3D modeling, so you can exagerate as much as you want. On this model in particular, I used a MaxHeight of 4 (mm). If it's not bumpy enough, you could make that 6, which would probably be more than enough to see some relief.

Of course, at that point, you start to get some serious sharp points.

Hey Man, the earth is an oblate spheroid, you can't model it strictly as a sphere.

Also, at these sizes? I'm printing mine 1:1 you insensitive clod.

You better start ordering plastic now!

I wondered what that large new plastic-ish mountain was. The Earth, giving birth. Nice.

You printing with a RepRap Holy-Crap Or a Terribly Terribly Tall TOM? :)

I'm using the Ultimaker: Jupiter Edition.

But man, you thought the lead time on the regular Ultimaker was bad...