More scenarios & variants for the settlers

by Dakanzla Mar 12, 2016
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Found this variant that would be cool to do: Das Wasser des Lebens ("The Water of Life"). https://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/5549/das-wasser-des-lebens

Hy, going to check it out if I find the time. Thx for the hint :)

I would love to see Church, Faith, and Reformation in 3D :). Little bit tricky with all cards, but those can u get elsehere if needed.
u are doing one insane work with all these scenarios and expansions! I appreciate it soo much :)

Hy, thx a lot :) could you post a link to the description that I could check it out? :)

https://kelvsyc.wordpress.com/catan-scenario-and-variant-guide/ it is in the very end of that document, page 460 and forward. There is a german version of it as well, but my german isnt that good :)

I might as well add Witches, Wizards, and Dragons to my wish-list :). Even if i dont find magic as suited to Settlers, then it might nice to have (since i want all things for the game :p ).

Gona check this one out as well :)

Nice! It is right before Church... in the url i first posted, but i guess u did see that :)

Hy, sounds interesting. I guess the new parts inkluding the bread and beer I could model. Just the cards have to be in 2d. Have you ever played it? Have you found any files for the cards that I could link? :)

New parts is also Dioceses, inquisistor, beer festival tokens (maybe) and the city improvement for the wheat (like the ones uve made for wood, sheep and ore already). Might be a few more as well :)

Ok I going through it. Would it be possible that you would make the cards and I make the designs. I could help you with the german translation :)

Yeh, i can do that :). I'll check and see what i can do :)

I have this zip, downloaded from Die Siedler, a forum for settlers. http://www.vesper-db.de/bin/SvC/SvC_HZBD_KGR_SF_PDF.zip They are all in german, but together with an explaination in the url i gave before, then can they be modified into english. But they are PSD-files, so i guess u need photoshop to edit them. If something is unclear, then tell me and i'll see what i can find :)

Perfect, thx a lot. I'm going to check the scenario and make my mind about it :-) Unfortunately I'm actually busy with making the next mutlimaterial-version for the city & knights expansion and some other projects but as soon as I have some time, I'm going to look into it, promised :-)

No problem! I understand that u are busy with other things :). I would make a go for it if i had had the skills, which i dont, in 3d creation.

Im going to see what I can do :)

Your WORK it's Awesome, thanks!

I love viewing what you make. Could you add the P&P and Towers of Catan variant? Here's the rules and stuff: https://boardgamegeek.com/thread/96236/two-variants-peasants-plagues-and-towers-catan

Also, maybe The Seven Wonders one?:https://boardgamegeek.com/thread/794913/7-wonders-catan-fanmade-expansion

Here you go. I made two of the variants you proposed: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1848651

Hope you have fun! :-)


Thanks so much! I can't wait to use them. :)

Think I found a solution for the peasant & plague scenario :)

Hy thx for youre request :) towers of catan should be easy, gona upload that soon. P&P is going to be difficult, because there are many items (peasants & plague) that have to be added to a tile and not covering the number-token. With the 2d tiles that may work, but with the 3d tiles its going to be difficult (for example on the ore-tile). The seven wonders sounds interesting. Im going to take a look into that.

I love your stuff. You have given my family a lot of hours of fun and enjoyment. Catan is the one game that will tear the boys away from their computer games.

How about Fisherman of Catan?

Thats really nice to hear :) I already made fisherman of catan. Its part of the trader and barbarians

Traders & barbarians (expansion for settlers)

Any chance you could create some sort of tokens or 3D printable cards for the Helpers of Catan?

Hy thx for the question :) I think this variant is quiet difficult to print thow, because theres some text for each caracter and its abilaties. Printing cards isnt that easy and in my opinion its much easier to order them from the catanshop. If you have any suggestion how the 3d variant could look like, just tell me :)

Amazing! keep up the good work, i have been printing a lot of your scenarios, but i havent been abel to try them out yet. The bermuda triangel was awesome!

I will. Thx a lot! Can you post some pictures? You would be the first :)

will do as soon as i play the other expansions, only hade a picture of the bermuda expansion at the moment :)

Cool thx a lot! :)

Can you make "The Football Fields?" It is on page 256 of https://kelvsyc.files.wordpress.com/2012/08/r13.pdf

Oleoleoleoleole....:-) of course! There you go:http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1631976 and thanx a lot for the hint! :-)

The football fields (variant: settler of catan)

Thanks a lot!