Yoda bust (cleaned and simplified)

by chylld Nov 29, 2011
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Scale: 83.8x62.8x63.74mm

Printed it twice on Prusa MK3S:
100% scale 3shells no infill. Came out OK but considerable gaps around collar, on ear and top of the head. Print time: appr. 2H
120% scale 3 shells 10% infill only where needed (Prusa slicer has this option) Print time: appr. 4.5H

Great file. Thanks so much!

Only one thing... ANY idea of Scale? Or even Dimensions??

Scale isn't critical (when YODA is flying a Model Airplane!!!)

I printed one today - came out great!

Makers Muse made one, and it was with, so I would say yes

Im just printing Yoda on Colido 1315 0.05mm leayer, with 50% of original size

Do you need to print this with supports?

It printed fine on my New Matter Mod-t without supports

Do you need to print this with supports?

Comments deleted.

Which printer do you have? thanks

An old Rapman 3.1 with several modifications (see my Things)

I also made this, loved it. But i cant post anything on the Made page. Any suggestions ? :)

Awesome! Rather than posting on the Made page directly, try clicking on "I Made One" at the top right, under Like Collect and Comment.

Hi would you mind if I printed this and sold it on etsy? I didn't wanna do it without asking you first thanks!

thanks for asking first. go nuts! :)

so In general when you print this is it hollow? I want to stick a light on the inside and use clear filament so it looks lit up in green. also for someone who is better at building then me could someone create a separate base it can sit on? I want to add a phrase which I can do later if I have a base.

The model is solid which means that it entirely depends on your printer settings. Most printers will leave the inside ~80% hollow so it would be quite easy to hollow it out from the bottom and stick a light inside :) Your printer settings will also control how thick the shell is and thus how bright the light will appear from the outside.

How did you create the model?


what is the best kind of infil to print tthis? i mean to use as little of filament as possible? is it possible to print this hollow but with more perimeters?

Jepp, printed fine with 3 shells and no infill and no support. Amazing.

Likewise Jaknil, just followed your advice on a Z18 and it printed great.

Printed Yoda, I did.

.2mm layers looks very good. I am trying another print at .1mm. 8-)

Looks great! Gotta order me some green ABS. Red's looking good too.

Thanks! This is my first print with ProtoParadigm green.

The perfect use for nuclear green ABS.

When nine hundred years old you reach, look as good you will not. Hmm?

Is this much different from the existing thing Yoda Lite?


Yoda - Lite

Yes; my preferred slicers (KISSlicer and Skeinforge) both fail at slicing Yoda-Lite correctly. Specifically, they exhibit artifacts at the base as well as yucky transitions between eyeball and eyelid.

If Yoda or Yoda-Lite slice nicely for you in your choice of software then there is no need for the derivatives :)