Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

Beastgrip Remix MK3

by sketchpunk Mar 12, 2016
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I am thinking about building this ahead of my upcoming vacation to Australia. Are there certain lenses that you would recommend for this project? Or would standard dslr style lenses fit like the latest fuji compact lenses?


Dont think those sort of lenses will work, to be honest I'm not sure till you just press it up against a phone and see what the results look like. But that's a 27mm lense, I've only have support for 37mm with this rig.

Standard lenses for DSLR will need a DOF adapter. Beastgrip makes one but they charge over 100 dollars for it the last time I checked. You can try to make one on your own, but it'll cost you quite a bit and it probably won't work as well as the beast grip one.

So far the only thing I've played with was with a wide angle, macro and fish eye lense. The only real use I got was from the macro lense which allows me to use the phone with to do very close up shots. The wide angle works but I rarely really need it and the fish eye sit there collecting dust :)

The only thing I like about the rig is being able to use the shutter button to take shots, but you can get away just using the volume button on your phone to perform the same function and in the end you can quickly slap your phone back into your pocket.

I have not printed this, but I like the concept. Reading your description on the handle, I was wondering if you have considered trying a foam over the handle for a more comfortable grip... like this http://icdn3.digitaltrends.com/image/beastgrip-pro-1-1200x630-c.jpg, in lieu of finding the perfect shape of the printed plastics ;) Just a thought.

Printing... Best Grip thx Men :D

I really dig this. I was looking at a beastgrip pro, and looking at my printer, and then back again at the pro, then again at the printer, and then searched Thingiverse. My only question is why you went with Metric hardware for this version versus the ANSI hardware on V2?

I'm not done yet. I'm going to redo the handle and add a few more extra parts. But the rest of the parts you can print and start building if you want. I love to see make photos.

Why metric? I started using metric because their nuts are smaller. If you compare the M3 nut and the #6-32, its smaller in every direction. So that allowed me to shave off some spacing in other projects. Once I got into metric, i was able to find other interesting parts that seem to only come in metric or is cheaper to order online from china stores. In the end it only makes sense to go all metric on most of my projects now a days since I use a cad program for modeling which uses metric for measurement. For Ansi hardware I always have to use a caliper to measure the part in metric so I can model around it. In the end, even though I was brought up in the USA using feet and inches, after a year of having to use metric for 3d printing I started to realize that the metric system is just easier to use and do math with.

Side note, The unreal game engine uses the metric system to measure distance and sizes of 3d objects... so yea. The more I learn the more metric pokes you in the face.

The only reason I ask, is for the obvious 1/4-20 mounts. I'm trying to push more toward metric in designing, just because everything else is metric, but the hardware associated with photgraphy is mostly 1/4-20 threads. I'm off of work for a bit, recovering from surgery, and I have plenty of time to print stuff, so I'm hoping to get a bunch done, and something like this would be a perfect project.

thats funny that you mentioned 1/4. In the handle there is a hole for a 1/4 bolt or nut, specifically for camera stuff. I was also planning other 1/4 things that can be attached to the rails. So yea, the whole thing is metric except for some inclusions of 1/4 holes in certain places.

Sucks you had surgery but I guess you get the time to play and have fun. Silver lining :)