i3 x carriage IGUS bearings (16mm OD)

by Phil_Maddox Mar 13, 2016
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HI i try to print this, but the holes for the Igus DryLin® R - RJ4JP 01-0 are too big, too big even for a standard lm8uu. from the photo i can see that you don't use o-ring or seeger to stop the bearings on the carriage... did you glued bearings to the carriage?

No you shouldn't need to glue them . The igus drylin are 16mm outside diameter !!! Standard LM8UU are 15 mm
as noted in the description the bole holes are 15.9 for a tight fit on the Igus bearings
Igus all plastic ( 16mm)
Igus alu body with plastic insert ( 16mm)

To avoid confusion, you should specify which model of IGUS bearing this was intended to hold.

When you say “IGUS” or “drylin” on Thingiverse, people are going to assume that you are talking about RJ4JP-01-08, because those are the IGUS/drylin bearings that everyone on this site is using to replace their bearings since they are a direct drop-in replacement for LM8UU bearings.

RJ4JP bearings, those commonly referred to simply as “IGUS bearings” on this website, are 15mm outer diameter.

What model of IGUS bearing are you using that has a 16mm outer diameter?

Please specify the bearing model number/identifier so that the people who have chosen the same bearing as you know that this is the right part, and the majority of us know that it isn’t.


This design is from 3+years ago before IGUS liner bearings became popular and clearly states 16mmOD in the title.
The igus bearings i used (because thats what my IGUS dealer had stock of) are the ones that have the anodised alu casing ( hence the increased OD) that stabilises the polymer liner. and hence the design of this part to suit them >> The IGUS part is RJZM-01-08

I cant control what people assume ...sorry
I will add a warning line in the description ...to hopefully avoid assumptions

I think you are maybe using a different type of drylin bearing that is a direct replacement for LM8UU ie 15 mm diameter. This X carriage is for 16mm dia linear bushes