Flying Wing Pod

by samms Mar 13, 2016
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RIP Sam. Your hard work and dedication to the hobby will be missed.

I like this work!!!! In few days modify mi 3d print for 20cm Z.

Wow this is awesome!! so little drag! you said in the video you had a lot of improvements in mind, what are they?

I would make the hatch a little easier to attach, my magnets worked well, but a physical snapping/locking action would be better, or maybe just a place to hold/put the magnets without hot gluing them in place. I cut the cap out with a surface, but a small offset thickness to remove a little material would make it fit better.
Also look at the rear top surface, it's supposed to be at a 45º angle but for some reason it's not and theres some material sticking out. I just sanded it off but digitally cutting that off would be nice http://imgur.com/sfvRRBe

The motor mounting screw holes are slightly too small, I had to drill them a little bigger which is risky since that wall is hollow and those holes are only made of one layer of plastic.

To attach the back after the motor is installed, I tacked it on with a little hot glue and then ran super glue on the seems. But a physical locking system would be better. I also make the offset thickness of the nose bulkhead go the wrong way, so to get the camera far enough forward I had to cut out the second layer of plastic.

I also would add more plastic to the underside impact area, in the video you can see I hot glued a plastic card to the impact zone for durability.

The bearing holder took some messing with to get it to fit okay.

Also keen on the source files if you're willing to share them? there are a few things I'd tweak if I could.
Awesome form on this thing though. Loving it so far.

I was thinking about the bearing holder, and I love the longer shaft your design uses but have you considered using one of the DT750 motors, they come with a shaft that is usually way too long for anything, but in this application I think it would be a great compromise in your design! I am designing a quadcopter frame, and I got rather frustrated with the strength of my parts, but 10mm carbon fiber tube was able to overcome all the obstacles I faced when I added it to my design (So far at least...) What software did you design this in? I use SOLIDWORKS and if your software can give me something to work with I'd be happy to digitally alter that 45degree angle. Also, drawing it as a lofted boss/base would allow you to keep the organic shape, but give you the ability to draw it with screw holes to hold it together (or add carbon!)

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