Raspberry Pi 7in display Case and stand

by Bigfella Mar 14, 2016
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Same here. Prints are slightly too big and the display is no flush mount. Bummer. And the holes for the screws are too small for M3. You need to drill them bigger or just force the screws into the plastic.

Thanks for sharing.

Note that my prints of recently downloaded files does not match your images - no biggy. But, there is not enough space between the back and the left leg (when viewed from front). It needs another 5mm. I guess some late changes? To me, it looks like the back has been expanded as there is quite some space between the case and the connectors - which are now recessed about 8mm.

Anyway, my fix was to drill out the holes in the legs to 4mm, clip the back on before screwing legs on. Very tight but workable.

You might like to tweek the files a bit.


Thanks for your comments. That is odd. because I used that very file and printed it. Not sure why it is not working for you. I hope you get it working.

Not sure either. Screen fits fine, back attaches to front fine, holes for headphones and HDMI line up fine. So i can only surmise that its a problem with files. But I have it fitted and it works fine, so thanks again.

Nice case, printed out just fine. I did have to enlarge the mounting holes, but otherwise the fit was perfect. One issue I haven't seen anyone else mention is that this case blocks the RPI power connector. Plugging into the display board power connector gives me the low power warning and disables wifi. Nothing a little modifying of the case won't take care of just thought I'd mention it. I'm running a RPI 3 btw.

You should only need to plug it into the one power port and use the jumper wires to power the pi. Maybe your power supply is not giving enough amps

Worked great for me in PLA; thanks!

If you've printed this out and updated your firmware, you probably found that your screen is now UPSIDE DOWN! Easy fix.
Go to your Rasbian prompt and type > sudo nano /boot/config.txt
You will see the text file.
Hit enter twice while the prompt is at the top to make room for a new line.
Move your cursor to the top and type LCD_ROTATE=2
Then type and it will ask if you want to save before quitting.
Hit Y
Then hit ENTER
You should be back to the Raspian prompt
Type sudo reboot
Your screen should be the right way up again

Thanks for posting that info. Sorry I should have mentioned that.

No problem. I believe the latest update firmware rotated the screen for some reason. Not your fault and probably hadn't happened when you made the case.

Is this supposed to print vertical vs horizontal? i load it up and it shows vertical....... This looks awesome, but I don't want to waste time only to have fail at the end when it tries to print the opposite wall in mid air, unless im not seeing it right.

Nono needs to print on it back you. You will have to re orientate

actually before you replied i did print it vertical and ii did print fine... and jumped across the gap like in the old video game Qix lol....but shrinkage made it too small for my pi screen ......i printed horizontal after that and added 1.4mm on the x axis and the print failed due to unknown reasons....i went to bed so im thinking my cat batted it a few times....now im trying again on my 3rd attempt..BTW im using a rostock max v2

is it pi2 or pi 3 compatible ?

I made it for a Pi 2 but from what I understand the 3 is the same form factor. So shouldn't be a problem.

Awesome. Printing one now. Great casing! I will use it to run Cura on the TAZ-5!

what length for the screw did you use ?

Comments deleted.

including the stand 10mm
Smaller if you are just attaching the back